A B&E Family Photoshoot -

So remember yesterday when I was young and free and went to the beach? And I posted a few teaser photos of my photoshoot? That was fun. Well today I am sunburned and Lightroom decided to go AWOL on me. Enter tears and frustration and angry words in my head. But finally it decided to work, and so here are some of my very favorites from the photoshoot. 

Oh, and turns out...this was their first family photoshoot. Well. It's just a good thing I didn't know that, or the pressure would have been more intense!! It's already hard to take photos of an amazing photographer and family! hah! But it makes it easier since I love them insanely much and it is really really really hard to take bad photos of gorgeous people. Unless you shoot upside down and with low exposure. Then possibly it could turn out badly. 

Emily already has the RAW files, but was really sweet and said she would wait until I shared some of my favorites, and then I'd give her the go ahead to look at them. Poor Sassafras is trying to be patient, but I'm fairly certain I can hear her repeating "Do not look, do not edit, do not look, do not edit...." from all the way over here. So after I post this, she will have the go-ahead! Thanks for being so patient, bestie!!! 

Ponce Inlet, FL. Ben, Emily, and Georgia Brower. On a Sunday afternoon. Love. 

Ben & Georgia Rose (who is turning a year in just 13 days!) 

Sweet little family.

Yes, those blue eyes do me in every single time. 

and that grin too.

Seriously. Heart-melting. 

Hahahahaha!! Elvis lips. 

"Was that funny? Hahaha!" 

Holy cow. Babyhood is so adorably sweet on her. 

Such adorable baby feet. 

Georgia's picture of her Mama! She was holding the camera, so I pushed the button. 
Taken on a swing, no less. This kid is going places, I tell you. 

Kisses for baby. 

Favorite. It melts me and makes me teary. 

The Ben & Emily Brower family. 


I love this. 

The leaves were far more exciting than the camera for G

But Mama sure is exciting!!! 

Favorite alert. 

Yeah. This. 

They've been married: 1 year, 9 months, 2 weeks and 1 day as of today. 
I know because I looked it up. 

And they are still head-over-heels-in-love.

Proud Daddy & Happy Daughter

I love their way-too-cute, honest, happy, loving, hilarious, generous, kind, little family. 

Tito and Georgia's sandals. In a tree. Tito didn't seem concerned. "Elephants love trees...", Tito said.

"Elephants love picnic tables too." said Tito. Boy, Tito was chatty that day. 

And Georgia loved that picnic table for all of a grand 20 seconds. "Oh well..." Tito said, as he smiled. 

The first shot I take is almost always my favorite. 

I love watching my best friend being a mama. It makes my heart turn over. 

So joyful. 


Living life! 


And a few beach portraits in the dunes and sea oats.

Haha. Georgia: "Smiles? Again? hmm" 

Okay!!! :D :D About this picture and every other single one...yes, Ben looks like a model. I know. 

Sweet little G.

Sunflare, yo! (If I say "yo" again in this post, feel free to shoot me)

Adoring family alert.

It's hard to stop smiling at this. Just try it. I dare you

She's one of those super-great-honest-hysterical-real-special best friends. Hahaha. 

Sandy baby feet. 

Seriously. My friends are way too good-looking. It is slightly unfair. 

I cracked up so much as I was taking this one...Georgia is like "Seriously guys? Kissing again?!!". 
Hahahahahaha!!! Her frown is hysterical. 

Favorite alert again. (I seem to have a lot of those,
which is good considering I was freaking out thinking I didn't get anything good and telling Emily just that)


This one is so completely....romantic and unplanned. 
I wasn't even ready, I just realized they were, and went for it. Perfection. 

*bites lip to keep from screaming because I love it too much* 

They make my photos look 100x better than they really are. But oh gosh. Stunning. 

to infinity... and beyond ...   
 (oh and Georgia eats some grass) 

"It was 1907 when we bought this land......we settled here with our baby." 

Yes, it is darn near impossible to take a bad photo of her. I love her so much.

And yes it is completely impossible to take a bad photo of him. I am NOT even joking. I remember one time I had a photo of him that I deleted...why? Because he was blinking. That's it. Blinking. It's insanity, I tell you. Emily wrote me last night - "I loved that one you showed me of Ben where he looks like a model. What am I saying? He always looks like a model." and I'm like "That's what I'm saying!!!". Hahahhaa.

SEE. look. Impossible. 

These amazing clouds were swooping in from the Southeast. 

And we got a few more shots by the inlet as we headed to the car ... 

Sheesh. So beautiful. 


My earlier point has been confirmed. Even if he does throw things at me sometimes. 

Be still my heart....

and goodnight Ponce Inlet ... off to dinner and rest we go! 

And now Emily gets to peruse the photos, and edit hers and have fun. :D I left her some of the hot shots, so be sure to watch her blog for more!! Thanks, Emily & Ben, for all the patience and fun! And Georgia - I love you, sweetest baby girl...oh and Lucy Mae is grateful for the return of her squeaky bunny. I love y'all!!

With much love always,
~ Jean Marie ~  


  1. I love and adore and am smitten and wild-crazy about these photos. You're amazing. And we love you.

  2. Beautiful job Jean Marie!

  3. Wow. Wow. Wow. Incredible Jean! Some of these made me suck my breath in and then I couldn't let it out because they just kept coming! Those mama/daughter moments are stunning. So precious.

  4. Very nice pictures Jean and yes they are all such a handsome family ( and you are a great picture taker) :) I miss being closer...but maybe some day :) Excited to see you all in a couple weeks!


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