Meeting Georgia Rose -

Today I got to meet Miss. Georgia Rose Brower. :) I don't think I fully realized how much I was looking forward to it until I got on the last stretch and my heart started beating extra fast like I was getting all geared up to fly. :) With how the going home trip went, flying probably would have been faster and less frustrating! HAHa. Only Emily will get's such a long story, y'all would fall asleep after the 4th sentence. Hahahaha.

My first impression of Georgia - TINY. I think pretty much everyone is in shock when they see her because your brain thinks "Oh wow, her face fills up the whole picture, she must be big. She is 8lbs! She is so big!" And I'm here to tell you .... no. haha. She is a tiny, light, delicate little baby. She was 8 days old today. :)

My second impression - She is way cuter than anything I've seen in forever. Emily is pretty much my favorite children's photographer, and even her pictures can't capture Georgia. Mine can't either, I've just got to say, she is so cute that you think you are going to go crazy from all the cuteness. haha.

So when you scroll through these pictures ... multiply the expressions, the cuteness, the calm, the sweet by about 25, and you will get a better idea of what Miss Georgia Rose is like. :) :)

My most commonly said expression (and by that I mean that pretty much every picture I took of her, I said it, or when I looked at her, or when she moved, get the idea) was - "OH, MY HEART." 

I did take some props with me, but we ended up not doing that at all .... which I really could care less about now in hindsight because even though they would have been the cutest pictures since David's photoshoot in the wagon, haha, I was holding Georgia. I'd rather hold Georgia than take pictures of her in a cradle any day. I'm also a HUGE fan of Lifestyle Infant Photography, and I love that this was so relaxed and so real life. :) Enjoy looking through them!!

One of my first pictures of her. I lay her on my lap, and took pictures of her in the soft light. 

She inherited her Mama's long fingers. :) 

Oh my heart. She has such a beautiful face. 

Her tiny-tiny feet are as long as my index finger. :) She has long toes like David did, too! 

She has beautiful dark brown hair, and the sweetest tiniest little ears. 

Oh my. Those little hands. 

Loving every minute of watching her, getting to know her. 

One of my very favorites. 

She is just the perfect size that you can hold her on one arm. :) 

Beautiful Mama with her daughter. 

Incredibly tender. 

So light and small. 

Those newborn wrinkly feet. love. 

Precious babe. 

Awake. :D She has beautiful eyes!! 

Oh, I have to tell you, between these two photos somewhere, I put down the camera and wanted to talk to Georgia a little bit, so there I am talking and saying her name, and she is blinking sleepily. Once the camera went down, I think I was easier to focus on, and she locked eyes with mine, and I exclaimed with joy "Oh, Georgiaaaaa!!", and the biggest smile spread across her face.

I about burst into tears on the spot. :) Hahaha. It was so so special. :)

Still sleepy and content. :) 

Get ready to cry. :) Emily took pictures of me with Georgia, and I LOVE having them. Thank you, Em! 

JOY. Pure joy. 

This one makes me cry. I love her. 

Holding her in my arms was one of the best gifts of this year. I loved every minute. :) 

Hello, Georgia!! :) 

That beautiful hair ... another one of my very favorites. 

I'm not kidding you, she was doing a newborn version of the army crawl. She was moving; I kept having to keep her back where I needed her to stay, haha. She is making that fold in the blanket by pushing with her strong little legs!! She is amazing! 

Sound asleep on my shoulder. :) There is nothing like holding a sleeping newborn! 

Her Elvis lips. :) It was so neat though ... while she snuggled to sleep, she grabbed my pearl necklace and hung on to it for 20 minutes. We just had to get a picture of it .... I mean, she's a little Southern lady born and bred and already loving pearls!! :) Haha. 

One last one to leave you with ... don't worry, I have about 120 more pictures of Georgia, haha, but I just put up 25 because I need sleep. I'll edit the rest, and hopefully post them soon!! :)

Emily holding Georgia's feet in her hands. She is so so in love with her baby girl. 
And Ben is in love with both. :)

My Facebook status when I got home tonight: "(I am) completely, entirely, utterly in love with a sweet little baby girl named Georgia Rose. She is beautifully made by God the Father, who named her and wrote all her days before we knew she would come. There is truly nothing like holding a newborn babe for an afternoon. Precious. Congratulations, Ben and Emily!!!! I see God's love for you both in her." :)

It was such a gift to spend the afternoon with Emily and Georgia (and a little bit with Ben), and getting to see Tricia, David, and Momma Case!! A super special day to remember. :) I love you all!!

With much joy and love,
~ Jean Marie ~

"Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!" 
~ 1 John 3:1 ~ 


  1. I've decided that the only bad thing about not being in Florida is missing out on the beach, friends, and their babies. Holy cow. She's so gorgeous! Wish I could come up and meet her and David next week. :)

  2. ^ me too!

    Jean, I love these. Thank you so much for taking them. The one you said was one of your very favorites is one of mine too! And I love that's she's so awake in those first ones where you're holding her. So adorable.

  3. Babies are bliss!!! I still can't believe Ben is a Dad. We've known him since he was 5. He and Emily have a beautiful daughter!

  4. What a sweet girl !
    I know just what you mean when you say she looks big on photos, but is small when you see her !
    My little brother was 4.14 when he was born but looked big on the photos we took. :)

  5. Oh my lands! She is so GORGEOUS!!!!
    I have checked Emily's blog like crazy for about a month now, looking forward to seeing wee Georgia. And now she is here; can't believe it!
    Thank you for posting the photos Jean~Marie, and btw, your hair in the photos is so beautiful!!!

  6. Hello! I'm a young lady from the UK. I've been reading your lovely blog for several weeks now, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

    The photos are so cute! I always enjoy seeing baby photos, and Georgia looks like a very sweet little girl.

    (I enjoy your friend Emily's blog too.)

  7. This is beautiful!! Sweet baby Georgia Rose is absolutely precious!! <3 <3


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