I made birthday scones -

I made birthday scones in honor of Delaney's birthday.....and then I ate them. HAHAA. Well, not all of them. Just 2. And then I wrote on FB that I made scones and was eating them. She lives an hour away. One hour too far, according to my view on the scones. At least it was the thought I put into it. 

So today is Delaney's 15th birthday. :) Happy birthday, babe!!! :D :D

I think perhaps I could write a whole book on friendship, and in there....there would be a chapter about how to be friends with famous people. If you love them and you get along - be friends. If you want to be famous too and inherit lifelong fame from "knowing" them - don't be friends.

In the Sproul's case, the second I found out Darby was hysterical and I choked on my food and also made a scene (all within 10 minutes) - I walked out of there knowing I'd just found a new best friend. Same with Delaney. First time I met her? She was behind me, I didn't know....smashed her toes with my shoe.


Stepping on the famous. One day at a time. Making news.

And I never wanted to be friends with them before. Why? Because they were perfect. Yep! But then they weren't. And then I'd found two new best friends, and let me tell you - a whole lifetime of joy will be following me around now. Why? Because they are hysterically full of life, and not perfect at all.

I love them. The sweet, dark-haired-and-sometimes-red-haired, Southern-talkin', honest chilluns.
Delaney, Darby and I - March 2012

So that's a very round-about-way of starting off a birthday post, but I just thought I'd throw it out there. My friends are oh, so used to hearing the random from me. She'll understand. 

So since I've been in the letter-writing-stage for awhile, and since my Lauren loved hers. 
Here's one to you, sweet friend. 

Dearest Delaney - 

Today you are 15!!! Clear the roads, that's all I'm going to say. hahhahaha. jk. You'll be phenomenal at driving. And if you aren't.....just try to take out the stop signs and those election ones instead of ... you know.... a BEAR. Bears aren't cushy-soft. Your dad has me scared of your subdivision for life.

I can't believe you are 15!!! You seem more like 17, or 18. And that's not just that you happen to look more put-together than I did yesterday, it's that maturity is something that you know, and have known. You wear it well.

And you wear beauty well too, my dear. You are so lovely. So lovely I'm thinking about hiring bodyguards for you. 

Remember the National Ligonier Conference 2013? Of course you do. Remember how we stood there in the light by the sliding doors and debated which angle was best? And then while we stood there, a nice man went by and says "Can I get the doors for you?" and then we apologized profusely because we weren't going out. Nope. We were just standing in front of the doors trying to get a selfie. 
*slaps forehead*

And remember that time I was needing sympathy for our poor ant-ridden Christmas tree? and then you liked the status? And this was my response: "I can't believe you liked my status that my tree is infested with ants. How could you." Hahahahahhaa. Sums up our relationship - right there.

Our Instagram jokes: Someone takes a picture of a bird flying past, and Instagrams it
"#bird #sky #bluesky #steeple #justanotherday #sohappy #nofilter #soaring #lifeisgreat"
Hahahaha, which turns us into saying things like i #i #miss #you, and driving each other insane on FB.

Remember when I took Ligonier pics and never posted them and drove you crazy? Here you goooooo.
Here is the first one: Your hair. It is lovely and stunning, and now it is short and lovely. We are twins. 

Honestly, before it gets too late, and I get more emotional than I was this morning (oh boy), let me just get down to why I'm writing all this out in the first place.

I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing friend. I have lots of them, as you know. But you hold a really special place in my heart. Why? Because you have taken on my life's greatest hurts and never once made them feel insignificant. Never. It is probably the thing that blesses me the most out of our friendship. That and your hugs. ;)

I've shared so much sadness with you, and you with me, and all I've known is compassion, sympathy and empathy. I've never once felt blown off, or felt slighted by your conversation. You fully entered into my sadness with me, and seem to just know when I need a hug. I've seen shattered grief in your eyes and you have seen it in mine.

I know that I can go from talking about minions to talking about grief in a split second and you never blink, you just go right along with it. You get it. You get that it is connected and messy and so many topics are intertwined. You have blessed me so sweetly in your compassionate way.

You've never told me that something in grief is silly or not important. You just know I'm hurting, and let me know you love me. It means the world. So thank you.

Even this morning, you took your way out of birthday greetings to talk with me about what was on my mind, my heart. You make time for me. You are such a special friend to me.

Sometimes I catch this look in your eyes at an event, and I know it so well. Because I feel it in mine. You are looking around, and feeling lost. Because you want Heaven so much more now that your Mom and Shannon are there. I want it too. I want it so much.

In the meantime....you care for your family like an incredibly devoted sister, who acts like 25 instead of 15, you bless and encourage and uplift your friends, you make everyone laugh, and you trade complimentary and non-complimentary jokes with the Stiemanns. Hahahaha.

You bless and sing and praise and bring your heart before the Lord, and it is evident.
You are beautiful, redeemed, His Beloved. Precious, gracious, open, honest, sweet, hysterical.

I'm praying the sweetest richest of God's mercies and blessings upon your 15th year.

Happy 15th birthday, Delaney. 

and I'll love you forever if we can keep on having those late-night chats about everything on earth that ticks us off. I seriously think about that conversation and start giggling. Oh my heavens.

 "STANLEY YELNATS." Stuffed Zucchini. "Now if we could just have everyone quiet down...." *Delaney coughs loudly* "Ohhh boyyyy.""Sproulies" "I can see it. You don't have to tell me it's a sky." "LET ME HUG YOU."

I love you, my dear friend. 

even if you DID like my status about my poor ant-infested Christmas tree.

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~