Five Minute Friday: Worship -

From Lisa-Jo Baker, the Gypsy Mama"On Fridays around these parts we like to write. Not for comments or traffic or anyone else's agenda. But for fun, for practice, for joy at the sound of syllables, sentences and paragraphs all strung together by the voice of the speaker. We love to just write without worrying if it's just right or not. 
For five minutes flat."

Today's prompt: Worship

Noun - The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.
Verb - To treat someone with the reverence appropriate to a deity, 
To give honor to one who is highly worthy of receiving it, to one who is highly revered. 

~ Go ~ 

Worship. We immediately associate it with church, with the morning service...but it's not just that. That is such a small part of all it really is. Worship - is a way of life. 

I don't think that ever became more clear than when our dear family friend died a few years ago, and church was something I dragged myself to, stood in silence and tears and choked my way through hymns. To home we would go, and I'd bawl my way through writing in my diary what it had all felt like. 

Worship, it had seemed, was the farthest thing from my mind. 
But God...was the closest thing to my mind. And only in the last year or so have I seen with a full heart and with tear-filled eyes, that worship was unfairly defined by me. 

In every whispered midnight prayer, it was worship
In every cry and tear and wail of sorrow, and every upheld hand to touch the sky, it was worship
In every hug and cleaning the kitchen and brokenhearted letter I wrote, it was worship

Worship isn't defined by Sunday morning, it is defined by praise.
It is defined by the way my heart can stand still in awe at a glorious sunset.

July 8, 2013 ~ Tennessee

It is defined by the way I choose to believe, to hope, to go on.
It is defined every day that I wake up and thank God for another day. 

It is every day that I know He loves me, and I live in the joy of knowing I am redeemed. 
It is giving honor to the One Who has bought me with a great price. 
He Who is so highly worthy of receiving it, moves my heart to offer my reverence by it -

~ Stop ~ 

As always, I come out of Five Minute Fridays so joyful and incredibly blessed. I love this.
I hope you join me sometime! Thanks for reading and sharing.
Much love always,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'm stopping in from 5 Minute Fridays. :)

  2. What a lovely sentiment. Thank you for be brave enough to share.

  3. So wonderful. I think of worship this way too. Thanks for sharing!


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