Spring Frolic 2013 (Day 1) -

Wow, y'all....

It took me a long time to do these pictures from April! And then putting the slideshow together today....I was sitting there with almost 9 minutes just of solid photos....wondering if I should even add video. ;) But I did, a little. AND I used one of my favorite songs ever - "Brighter than the Sun". 

I'm a happy girl. As you will be able to tell by the 13 minute, 16 second long slideshow I have for you. :) I got some of my favorite portraits of my favorite people...Lauren, Emily & Ben, Georgia, my parents...some of our gang goofing off. All I can say is - I have really good-looking and sweet friends. hah! 

2013 Spring Frolic was: hot, wonderful, occasionally breezy, spectacular, hysterical, full of great music, full of dancing until we about passed out, life-sharing, joy-spreading, hug-giving (me!) and all around special. 

From the calling of the peacocks to the swishing of the spring trees to the songs sung from exuberant hearts to the greetings of friends and laughing at old jokes - I love Barberville. 

Hope you enjoy watching!! 
With much love,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


ILN said…
Very nice! I love Barberville too :) Wade made me smile...but then he always does =D
Becca Elizabeth said…
Thank you for sharing. This is so freaking gorgeous and fun.

I missed seeing all those beautiful faces <3

Shannon said…
Love these Jean!!! Such a beautiful day... {And the forbidden pine tree just makes me laugh. ;)}

love ya!