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LUNGS!!!!! There are lungs for Tricia!!!! 

I got on this evening, after hoping and praying all day that the call coming in from TX would be a "go" for her, and just before I ran out the door to go bowling, I read that the lungs were for her!!! WOOHOO!!!

I can't tell you how my heart leapt and rejoiced and sighed with relief!!! Thank you, Lord!!! Praise God, the Giver of LIFE and of every good gift!!! SO EXCITED and thankful!!

What a wonderful day-after-birthday present for her! Her 31st birthday was Monday, the 13th. 

Nate Lawrenson's Instagram photo

As you all may or may not know, the surgery could take up to 10 hours, which means they will probably be finishing up sometime around 3-4am tomorrow morning! Tricia's first transplant 5 years ago took 9 hours, and this second transplant surgery and recovery are more risky. 

Please pray for: a successful surgery and recovery with no complications, and for her body to accept the lungs fully! And please - keep the donor family in your prayers as well. Organ donation is a gift of LIFE, but it is the gift from one leaving this world to one remaining. The donor family has suffered a loss. 

I'll keep updating the Timeline below with more news as it comes in!!! 
Or you can follow Nate's Twitter feed here

Tuesday, May 14th - 
5pm - Tricia was rolled into the OR. 
6:26pm - Surgery began!! 
8:30pm - OR Update: "Still working, going well."
11:12pm - OR Update: "Surgery is still going well."
Wednesday, May 15th - 
4:01am - OR Update: "Both lungs are in, still working.
Surgeon will come out to talk within the next 2 hours."
5:44am - From Nate: "Thank you God. Surgery was successful. Went as well as possible.
Tricia in ICU. Hard part starts now. Please keep praying."
10pm - From Nate: "WOW WOW WOW!!! Just saw Tricia awake for the first time.
 Amazed how great she looks and feels. Nothing like the first time."
11:30pm - From Nate: "14 hours post-op, (she is) off the vent, up and walking.
Thank you God. Thank you Duke!" (see the photo here!)


  1. Will keep praying! Praise the Lord! I'm so happy for her!!!

    Rebecca K.


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