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** Friday, May 3rd Update on Tricia -
Tricia was successfully ventilated and trached yesterday morning, and the really great news is that she can breathe SO much better now because of that, and had a much better day yesterday and also today. And super wonderful news - she is still on the transplant list!!! Still on the top, in fact!!

The vent helps her breathe and sleep well, and that makes all the difference for her. So a huge praise for her getting stronger/doing better, but of course she is still very very much in need of new lungs.

Please continue praying for the gift of lungs for Tricia, which, literally, is life breath for her.
Please pray for her to grow stronger, and to sleep well, and for hope to continue to flow in their hearts.
You can read the update here - "Full of Hope".

and thank you SO much to everyone who is praying. Y'all get a huge hug from me.  ~ Jean Marie **

Y'all, I have a super important prayer request for you today. 

Would y'all join me in praying for Tricia? I don't know her personally, but have prayed for her and her husband, Nate, and their daughter Gwyneth for over 6 years. And that kind of prayer for people who you have fallen in love with and ache to see hurt, makes you long for healing in a big way.

For years, I've seen Nate and Tricia praise the Lord for every request answered, and trusting Him for every one that wasn't answered the way they wanted. It has made a huge impression on me. Gwyneth was a miracle baby, whom they loved so much, they ignored the doctor's warning that they had about a 50% chance of survival, and chose LIFE. You can read more about their story HERE

Tricia has CF - Cystic Fibrosis. She is in desperate need of a double-lung transplant.  She is in the ICU and is at the top of the transplant list because of how badly she needs the lungs. Please pray that she will not decline any further and that they will not need to put her on the ventilator. 

I am praying with my whole heart for God to bring Tricia lungs. It is either lungs...or Heaven. I believe that God lays certain people on my heart in a huge way for a reason. Which is why I am asking you to pray along with me. 

Pray for lungs. Pray for the donor's family. Pray for Tricia & Nate and their family. 

Thank you so much. It means a lot to me to come here and ask not for me, but know you will join me. 

"Lord, I know You are the God of miracles. I believe it when I say You are merciful. Please God, I'm begging You for new lungs for Tricia. Let Your mercy rest upon her in Your gift of LIFE." 

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He Who promised is faithful."
~ Hebrews 10:23 ~

With thanks, 
~ Jean Marie ~ 


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