January 2, 2013

Obviously I have no inspiration as to what to title this post. So it's the date up there. 

Today I woke up and knew I needed to do something rejuvenating for me. Yesterday was a particularly rough day, I spent most of the morning in tears, and had a lot of work editing photos, and finally finished at 2am. So when I got up today, all I wanted to do was go to the beach and be alone. 

And so around 2pm, that's what I did. I drove out there to the beach, and I laid out my towels, and I went to sleep in the warm sunlight. And I awoke to seagulls calling and a beautiful blue sky above me. And the man a few yards away unhooking an 18inch black tip shark. 

I stayed a few hours, collecting shells as the sun went down, swishing through very cold water, and just listening to the waves crash on the shore. Nowhere to be. No one to tell me to hurry. Nothing to say. 

I prayed, and I praised, and I sang. And like I always do, I knew I was home. It is my peaceful place. 

I'm so thankful to live here, in such a beautiful state, in a lovely home, with a lovely family. 

I didn't take my camera, because I knew I would be quieter without it. But I took a picture of my very fluffy Victorian bun when I got home, just to show you. haha. And some very neat shells I found as well. 

That is a teeny little shell on my pinkie finger!

and I put four little teeny shells in this small shell!

Sadie Beth might recognize the bowl. She bought it for me in France. :) I love it. Of course!

and last night our neighbors at the end of our street (that is right up against an orange grove/cow field) shot off some HUGE firecrackers. I videoed it, so you can watch. ;)

With much love,
~ Jean Marie ~

You can watch it in HD on Vimeo by clicking the title. 


  1. The waves rolling up against the shore... salt in the air... sun beating warmly on your back... yes, this is indeed a peaceful place. A time to be still... to ponder on the mercies of the Lord. I too, love those quiet times. ;)



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