1987 - 2013 -

On January 7th, 1987 at Saint Joseph's Hospital in California,
at 3:45pm via C-section, weighing 8 lbs., and measuring 20 inches long,
a firstborn daughter was born to Ed & Mary Ellen.

They named her Kimberly Roth, and loved her with all their hearts. (this is the very first picture of her) 

4 1/2 months old. What a cute little family! Seriously, Kimberly has like 2,000 baby pictures, and I have about.....100. hahahahah. Firstborn. I just loved sorting through all the adorable and smiley baby photos of her today. Secretly, of course! ;) 

And since then, the little family only loved her more and more and more, even the little sister did too. 
And so today, 26 years later, we couldn't be happier to have this gorgeous, loving Kimberly in our lives. 
You bless and encourage and lift us up, and we thank God that you are ours. 
Happy birthday from all of us! We love you with all our hearts. 
~ Jean Marie, Mom, Dad, and Lucy Mae ~ 

Just had to share this. I've been laughing all day. So there was Kimberly as a baby, right? 
Aaaaaaand then there was me. HAHAHahaha HAHAHahahhahahahaaa!!!! 
You can't even see this, but my shirt says "I'm a Doll", and it has a dolly face on it. Right. hahahah. 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kimberly! You are such a dear, sweet, beautiful friend in every way, and I thank the Lord for you. May God bless you with a spectacular year (and grant you many successes with fermented foods)! ;)

    Lots of love,

  2. Happy birthday, Kim!

    What a cute baby you were :-)

    And as for that picture of you, Jean...!! :-D

    Love to you both xx


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