To Those Who Mourn -

Hello dear ones. 

I hope that this Eve of Christmas Day finds you with joyful hearts that beat with gratefulness and worship and awe as we celebrate the coming of Emmanuel, God with us. 

For many of us, this year has held unprecedented sorrow. Heartbreaking, shocking loss. It has been so hard, and as I have walked with you, and as you have walked with me, we have blessed each other. 

And even though all the hugs in the world can't give you back your beloved ones, know I'm sending a really big one your way. :) Let those tears fall, and let God draw near to comfort you as you miss those you love. Let yourself SEE into that dark manger scene, the trembling, holy night when the God of all comfort was born as a wee babe to redeem His people from their sins and give LIFE. 

Allow yourself moments to both grieve and rejoice - for they walk hand in hand in the Redeemed heart!!

And here are two little gifts from me to you, to you who mourn this Christmas.

This article by Albert Mohler just blew me away this morning. It is so powerful.
"And Them That Mourn": Celebrating Christmas in the Face of Grief and Death."

and a very special song written just for you by Steven Curtis Chapman. He says that he was wishing he could send each and every one of you (of us!) a Christmas card for those of us who mourn at Christmastime. He talks about it here: Behind the Song "Christmas Card" So you can watch that if you want to hear his heart behind this song. Knowing he sings this from a heart longing for Heaven, and joy in the Savior just makes it go straight to where it hurts the most in my heart.

Here is the lyric video they made for it. "Christmas Card" by SCC. (yes, lonely is spelled wrong)

So that is also my Christmas Card to you as well. That even though it still feels that we are in the valley of death, that we wait here in the Shadowlands ... the Light of Lights came and shone bright in the darkness of our grief, and He still comes, and He still speaks, and He still abides, and He still reigns. 

Glory, all glory be to Emmanuel! 
With many prayers and much love to every broken, grieving heart .... 
may Christmas resound more true and bright and joyful and magnificent than it ever has before, 
knowing that He came to overcome the grave, and save us forever to live with Him! 
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. That is so precious Jean Marie! I love this song! I as well had a really difficult year, many very dear friends passed away.... very unexpected! So sudden! This christmas won't be the same without them! But I was very encouraged because someone that I love very much came home and he spent christmas with us for the first time in years, I know that God has been working in his heart and it blessed me sooooo much. It reminded me that although things are tough and sometimes very sad and painful there is still hope. God doesn't want us to focus on the sadness, He wants us to walk in joy! I'm not talking about happiness but joy, joy that only comes in knowing that God is there and always will be and that He loves us. I've learned that joy and happiness are two different things. Jesus loves you so much Jean! I hope that amidst the sadness and pain that you will have a Merry Christmas.



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