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Definition for: "The Valentine's Day Mess on FB" proper noun, an event one day out of the year. the day one stays off all day just so they can avoid: A. the cheesiness. B. the jokes. C. the whining. or D. the fawning of love everywhere that it makes sugar look bland. 

So this year I decided to say it like it was. And kick all whining anywhere near me into a dumpster. Take that, whining and singleness jokes that make you sad! Into the dumpster you go!!! Hahaha!

My FB status this morning -
"Jean Marie: is content being unmarried. Why? Because the love of God is the greatest love I will ever have - it will fulfill my every need and uphold me all my days. It will cover me forever!!!
Of course I would love to be married one day, but this day of Valentines only reminds me of the years of loving marriage of my parents and grandparents, and reminds me how blessed I am for my family, and their love to me. I am fully content, knowing that God's love for me is so deep it will never fail, and if there is another love out there for me, that God will bring him in His perfect time. :) 
Dwell on His perfect love, and you will find every want fulfilled!!!!" 

I spent a gloriously sweet day with my Mama, and dear Mrs. Patterson, who is in FL with Mr. P this week. We ate and laughed and ate and laughed and laughed and talked and laughed. ;) And then we got home and Laurie and the kids were here, and so the three of them: Mama, Laurie, and Mrs. P sat out on our porch and laughed and talked and watched the 4 kiddos and I blow huge and little bubbles (literally, a bubble storm) into the breezy - beautiful day. It was the best kind of day.

And it leaves me thinking, if I can love them so so much, how could I be discontent? I am so blessed beyond what I could ask for, and I see that in the faces of those sweet kids, and in the faces of those I love so very much of my family and friends.

Yes, I'm unmarried. AND I'm content. AND I'm so so thankful for the lovely life I have. :)

Because HIS LOVE.....will never run dry. HE will always be enough, no matter what. He loves me ALWAYS

Now that is worth a lifetime of rejoicing and celebrating over. :)

Much much love, and I hope you all had an equally sweet day!
~ Jean Marie ~

P.S. We did totally eat a lot of sweet stuff though, today. Due to tradition and all. ;) Hahahaha. 

Photo taken in TN ... May of 2011. 


  1. Lord help me to be content!!! Thank you soo much for sharing Jean! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Yes, and remember, Jean dear, that HIS love is BETTER than life. And SWEETER than honey from the honeycomb. Not to mention EVERLASTING. DIVINE LOVE excels all other loves because it's the only love that can truly promise to last forever. Love, mcd

  3. Jean Marie, I love your post, you have a gift to write what you feel, and to encouraged others!! Thank you

  4. Yes, His love will never run dry, and will always captivate our hearts, sweeping us off our feet... oh, the love of God, how overwhelming and transforming it is!

    In Christ,


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