Bobby Jo face -

I'm thankful for: Bobby Jo. Because she gives me so many reasons to laugh, when she and I both know all I want to do is smash things and scream and cry. And I can't help laughing when I look at this.

My Dad ADORES that picture. He laughs hysterically every time he sees it. The first time he saw it, he was actually wiping tears from his eyes from laughing so hard, and managed to choke out a "That is SO BECCA. That is perfectly Becca.". He just loves it. And so do I. :)

I love us. I love that we love a lot of the same stuff, and music, and dancing, and I love that she just takes me in stride. Angry? ok. Sad? got it. Smashing things? ok, wait. don't smash something nice. Need a laugh? here, look at this. ok, wait, look at aaalllll of these things I found on Pinterest. :)

So this post is for you, my dear explosively wonderful friend. I'm thankful for you, Bobby Jo! 

(Photos taken at the very cold day in January of the Scottish Highland Games in FL, waiting for a concert to start, while lying on a hill, yes a hill)

~ Bodean ~
(also known as Jean Marie)

Y'all have a great day!! 


  1. That face is too funny!! lol :) friends are such a big blessing!

  2. Miss Becca is indeed a very sweet young lady, and a friendship is always a fountain of joy!



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