I LOVE Sunflare -

I love sunflare ... and I adore my kind and beautiful friend EmilyCase, so you can imagine how lovely it is having this photo, and remembering when I asked her to stand still for a moment as the sunflare cascaded down the street, spilling into and onto everything as the sun set in the January sky. I looked down at the playback, and went "oh my word", but not until I got home did I realize how gorgeous it was. :) I love moments like that.

The sun had burst into sunflare at the top right where it refused to stay in one circle or spot, then dancing and bubbling its way through the oaks and Spanish moss, it circled its way around Emily, like a double or triple rainbow, and finally arching onto my friend Lauren's skirt to turn it into a green-blue pattern. The sunlight lit up into tree bokeh and turned every leaf near the road into sparkling golden circles of bokeh and shimmering light, as the breeze lifted our hair. It seemed as if the light surrounded us, and lit up everything in sight, including turning Emily's brown hair into spun golden auburn wisps.

It truly was a beautiful evening and sunset, and we thoroughly enjoyed taking in one of the most beautiful sunsets and FL "prairie" after that, getting pictures and video and laughing and twirling our way into the dusk. Special memories come looking at this picture. :)

Thanks for visiting and taking a look! I hope you could feel the South and FL sunshine just spilling out of this picture ... there is truly nothing like living here on the Southeast coast. :)
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Beautiful rings surrounding her! I love how the backlight seems to make her glow. She seems so peaceful.

  2. Beautiful sunflare, dear friend!


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