Give me lemons -

Hello! :)

Okay, so do you remember THIS post from back in May? Mmhmm, well, it generated a lot of really sweet comments and attention, and as I realized how great it was to talk about things I loved, I also realized how little sometimes you all (who read my blog) do not know what I ... well ... what I LOVE.

Obviously, these things are things that just plain make life ... better.

Like the color YELLOW. In fact, dearest-sweet-friend-Becca made me a yellow card for my birthday, and it didn't even kick in that it was YELLOW and WHY it was yellow until ... hours later. I do have a brain, but I was distracted by the jar of bubbles she gave me. *cough*

... that and the M&M covered pretzels. be envious. be very envious. or not. :D

Anyways, back to the color yellow. If you are a chocolate lover, please buckle yourself in for a rude bump in the flight ... *bing! please fasten your seatbelts. thank you.*, because the next line might shake you up a bit.

I would rather have a lemon-y dessert than a chocolate one.

Is everyone still there? Did no one swoon? Or run into a wall? Are we still good? ok.

I just LOVE lemon and all things lemon, and I'd rather have that than chocolate.

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE chocolate. Hahahah ... my-darling-Filipino-girlie-Paulina kept up with tradition from years and years of birthdays and gave me a whole slew of 5 different candy bars, and there is one left. ONE. mmmhmm. But if I see desserts at the restaurant, I will choose the lemon ones. *happy sigh*

I think this blog post is going nowhere. Haha. :) Oh yeah! The picture!


B. It is Lemon Curd (and we all know how good that is)
C. It is "Grant's of Scotland" (product of SCOTLAND *shriek*)
D. It is made out of lemons, butter and other things.
E. It is thick and perfect and tangy and rich.

This is not my jar of Lemon Curd ... but I do have a jar of Lemon Curd, from our dearest Sadie Beth that lives across the pond ... I just had some of this Lemon Curd (in above picture) yesterday, and as I put it on my tongue ... mmm. I started talking Scottish right in the middle of this conversation. It was most distracting.

Especially since I can't pull off a Scot accent.

No matter!! :) I just had to rave about it.

Summer + Lemons + Sunshine = Yellow, and Yellow = love.
(I'm so good at math)

Your sunny friend ... most of the time, :)
~ Jean Marie ~

"Sun of my soul, Thou Savior dear, It is not night if Thou be near,
O may no earthborn cloud arise, to hide Thee from Thy servant's eyes."
~ by John Keble (1820)


  1. *gasp* Lemon better than chocolate!?! Although I love lemon also, I would have to diagree with you, Jean Marie... ;-)

    Yellow is such a cheerful color...

    Hope your having a wonderful summer day!

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yeah...those bubbles,very distracting!!! TEHE

    Product of Scotland! SWEET!

    Thinking of lemon meringue pie.
    Lemon Italian ice. Yellow VW.Yellow Butterflies....
    *humming yellow by Coldplay*

    Love you!
    ~cupcake smasha

  3. Hmmm... That jar of Lemon Curd looks very familiar, Jean Marie! :)
    It was so wonderful to finally meet you yesterday! I had a wonderful time!
    I love the color yellow, and I like lemons as well. I am not a big fan of lemon desserts, though.
    I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

    Your Sister In Christ,

  4. Hahaha I love you, my sunny friend! :D I can't imagine loving lemon more than chocolate, but it's awesome that you do! LOL I love your posts about things you love, the make me smile. :) I miss you girl!

  5. mmmm I love lemons too!

  6. i would pick fruity desserts over chocolate desserts any day of the week.

    and i've made lemon curd from scratch. it's beyond amazing. i may or may not have eaten it by the spoonful instead of serving it with scones, which was the original purpose.

  7. Oh Jean Marie, lemons over chocolate? I don't know if I can bear to read it! Hehe, :D The Lemon Curd was very sweet and the time of fellowship with you last week was encouraging. Hope to see you soon.....



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