Come sit by me -

"Come sit by me for awhile.
Take a place next to me on this rickety, childlike-sized bench,
the slats are widening and cracking,
the rails are rusting and flaking,
and there is an iron-worked Noah's ark on the bench's back ....

This bench is just calling for its purpose to be joyfully fulfilled,
instead of wildflowers growing up and waving nearby,
and touching softly the dusty planks of wood.

Come sit by me for awhile.
Come hold my hand, and we'll listen as life runs by at the full speed
of a child on a bike, and flies by at the chirping grace of a bird,
and to the rustling wind as it moves in and out of the oaks that surround
... this little bench on which we sit.

Come help me listen to life ... and don't tell me how to feel or
what I should say or how to live or when to try harder ...
just come listen to me, and I'll listen to you ...
We can talk on and on, or we can just sit and be quiet for a time,
and then we'll just listen .... to life.

We'll sit and talk, we'll listen and watch,
we'll share and unburden it all, and let it go, there,
on that sweet little bench by the wildflowers,
in the glow of the setting sun, and the whisper of the wind.

We will be quiet and let ourselves "be still" under His gaze,
you will lean on me, and I'll lean on you,
and if I start to cry, you won't mind ...

... because you came to sit by me for awhile."

To my Sadie Beth...who listened to me tonight and listens to me often.
I love you, dearest, and thank God for you.
~ Jean Marie ~
Isaiah 61:1-3


  1. Beautiful, Jean! :)

    Love you,

  2. hey, we have that bench. We painted it red, except for the iron work.

  3. Oh, Jean, thank you!! That was so sweet of you and a lovely surprise! Beautiful writing too, my dear. Just lovely.

    Happy to sit with my Plonker, to listen, to be listened to, and to talk,and thankful for our friendship,

    Sadie Beth xxx

  4. So sweet, my friend! :)


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