New Jemmie Photography Website -

Y'all - I've launched my new Jemmie Photography Website!! 

I'm sooo happy to have this up. After my website being down for 8 days, it's back up - totally NEW!!!
I moved it from Blogger to Wordpress (yes THE most stressful/proclaimed stupid move EVER),
bought a beautiful theme, spent the week crying with frustration over LOTS of maddening issues
 that popped up, and kicking myself for ever being creative. haha. ;)

But now the issues have been ironed out, thanks to my friend Sarah for her invaluable help and 

  So here's my beautiful new website - Jemmie 

A few things are different and I still have to update some of the posts next week,
but I wanted it back up so y'all can continue swooning and rejoicing with us over that first post!! ;) ;)

So yes.....if you've read Facebook/Social Media/was intrigued by that "extra someone" in the Barberville post,
then YES, Kimberly was dating a Special Someone......and the rest you can read on the website!! 

And today is a party in her honor. 

God has been so very kind and we are so very glad!! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~