Jamboree 2016 Day 1 -

Barberville Jamboree 2016 Day 1 ~ November 7, 2015 

Sooooo late on posting these, y'all, but this season of life got busy SO SO FAST. :) 
Hope you enjoy these photos of one of the HOTTEST BARBERVILLE EVENTS EVER. 
It was about 98, with 1000000% humidity, blazing sun and everyone was like "why Florida WHY". 

And then they built a raging fire. Oh glory. 

My whole family came with me this time!! It was so nice. Including someone new. ;) 

Fitting the wheel. 

The sweetest Old Broom Maker, who thought it was weird I kept smiling at him. I'm sorry. You look so sweet. 


The biggest dinner triangle I've ever seen. I kinda wanted to sit on it. Or ring it. 

Apparently this is the Behind-The-Scenes of what it's like to have a photographer
boss her family around for a family Christmas photo in the heat of a thousand suns.
Basically - pretty much ineffective. 

Thanks to Tricia for making us smile super bright and taking our Christmas photo!! 

 I love her like .... way too much. 

She makes me laugh waaaay too hard. I fail at looking pretty when I laugh waaaay too hard.

but who cares because laughter is better than beauty and I love her so....oh wait. Already said that. 

Sistah-Friends & Besties. 

"Papa" & G. 

PhePhe not caring about anything other than the peaches that aren't hot. 

Testing my viewfinder that was off by one click - the heat was making us off by one click, lemme' tell you. 

One of the best Mamas of Boys I've ever known. 

Who is also like...drop dead gorgeous. 

Em took these.....

and these.....because Alice was SO DARN CUTE and because I was sharing my mango popsicle with G.

Precious Leila 

Loner's Junction! 

LOVE this shot, Em. 

David asking if he could have some of my chips that I gave to Georgia. Haha. 

It was so hot, so I kept pressing my super cold (freshly bought!) water bottle to Ryan's head/neck,
and he kept bursting into happy/shy giggles. It cracked me up so much. Such a lovey. 

Sweetest Phe. 

Honey Sticks. 

Realistic Self Portrait at Barberville. haha. 

Mama buying some Wisconsin Cheese Curds!!! 

The Sugarcane Press



And that was Day 1!! I'll try to have Day 2 up soon. :) 

With love always, 
~ Jean Marie ~