Jamboree 2016 Day 2 -

Barberville Jamboree Day 2 - 

This day...was sooo much cooler. Only because we had clouds. Haha. 
Which makes SUCH a difference in Florida. 

I had to wrap my foot because I put a massive bandage on the back of my heel 
because a blister had popped that morning and I just knew how much dirt would be in 
that bandage in like 29 seconds. Thankfully the wrap stayed for...most of the day. ;) 

Sunday morning hymn sing always moves me to tears because it's the old hymns I 
grew up with, as long as songs like "Do Lord" and "Peace in the Valley", etc.   

Time for some Butter Pecan Ice Cream (that I begged from Tricia because I ran out of monies).

Loner's Junction in the Chapel. Obi on banjo. 

Xander on Cello.

Nathan on the box drum. 

Emily (& Alice!) on bass and Abi on guitar. 

Gabi & Obi: Brothers. 

Xander on ukelele. Also. Xander is the ONLY guy I've ever seen wear yoga pants and 
still be manly. Xander is a style aaalllll unto his own and he's fine with that. Haha. 


Leila & Joy - the sweetest nanny/helper that came with Emily & Obi. 

Nathan being cool. 


Always such good music. 

Let's be honest...I have no idea how to say that first name.

Catching up among friends is the greatest thing about Barberville. 

David's Conductor Hat I bought him. :) 

Kath (little Tricia), Tori (little Liz) and David (little Cody/Tricia). Ohh those Bowen eyes.

Help. SO CUTE. Ketchup face.  

Ryan feeding "Papa" chips. haha. 

We were having a moment right before this. hahaha.  

The Hottest...which is ironic, since Cody puts out hot fires. bahahahaha. *erases it*  

Our moments are always wonderful. 

I could drown in Ryan's hazel eyes.  

Impromptu Jam Session on the General Store Porch....

Lots of laughter and fun!!!

In which Gabe discovers his true calling in life: Playing the Washboard.  

He loved it so much, he asked Leah if he could have one for Christmas. Hahaa. 

So much manly. Good job, Gabe.  

Barberville life. 

Orange Blossom Special.....unbelievably fast. 

with harmonica

and dancing! :) 

 Emily had planned a little Going Away Bonfire party for Ben as he left for basic, but due to FL being, well, FLORIDA - it rained. Like - legit POURED. I stopped by Publix to get some things for the party, and I was like "forget this", and took off my flip flops and dashed through ankle deep water in the parking lot so I could run faster. People were laughing at me. I was laughing at me. hahaha. 

We all washed up outside as best we could and fit into their house, ordered some tacos and I smuggled in a Publix cake in after telling Ben "This is for you. Do not look at it." Haha. It was Ben's Birthday!!! It was such a nice end to the day, and we laughed so much. 

Emily couldn't find other birthday candles, soooooo Ben turned 3. AGAIN! hahaha. 

Singing happily. :) Happy Birthday, Ben!!! 

 And that was the Jamboree 2016. Such joyful, good memories always. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~