3 Weeks Until CHINA!!! -

Throwback to one of the happiest days of my life: the night of October 16, 2015. 

I had applied for a China missions trip to visit orphans
and wasn't supposed to hear if I was accepted onto the team until the next week.
So I went to my friend's house to sleepover, because we were going to an FSU game the next day.
I talked about my hopes incessantly and then before I went to sleep at around midnight,
 I checked my e-mail on my iPod ONE LAST TIME. 

There was an e-mail from the director of trips. 

I held my breath and tried not to panic. I opened the e-mail, read 1 line, and burst into tears. 
Seriously SOBBED for at least 5 minutes. Overwhelmed. BEYOND happy.
 SOOO excited I couldn't handle it. I'd been accepted onto the team!!! 

I immediately texted a few friends while bawling my eyes out and shaking and thanking Jesus. 
I swear I woke up every hour to cry more happy tears. 

I took this selfie at around 4am (after a whopping 120 mins of sleep): SHEER JOY, y'all. 
Dreams that you've prayed and secretly hoped for for years do come true sometimes,
by the unbelievable love of our Father God, Who loves to lead us, 
and Who loves to give us wonderful things. I leave 3 weeks from today, and I'm so so so ready.

Oh, beautiful love that Jesus has bestowed upon me: this is grace. Grace upon grace. 

Jesus hears us when we pray, and He hears our dreams. He is with us. Live your life! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~