My Project 52 {Week 7} -

{Week 7} Thursday, February 11, 2016 ~ Daddy, on his birthday ~ iPod Touch 

We celebrated together, just the two of us! 
Caption: "I will never be as cool as this guy eating cheese grits across from me. 
A sailboat just sailed up and docked at the Aunt Catfish dock, and he takes a long look
and then says "I took a sailboat smaller than that all the way down to the Bahamas."

Well, of course you did. Haha. 

We're talking deep subjects like why coleslaw is named "Cole-Slaw",
 the best pizza we've ever had, and how much we love watching the sunset paint buildings in gold.
Love him so so so much. Happy Birthday, Daddy."

25 Days until I leave for CHINA!!! 


70 Days until Kimberly & Ben get married!!! 


  1. Happy (belated) birthday, Mr Fambrough!

    Lots of love xxx


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