The First Day of Autumn 2015 -

I spent yesterday with Emily & her girls at their house. I snapped a few pictures! 
I really need to get my camera out more. I love these. 

Gus Gus.

G helping Mama cook. 

  I promise Emily is just concentrating, haha. 


Sweetest Phe Phe. 

Gus trying to be good and stay. 

Cashew Chicken dinner on the stove.

We are both huge fans of lime tortilla chips. haha. 

Lovey girl. 

Love spending time with this best friend. Haha.


Snuggles with Mama are the best. *oh so sweet* 
Watching Emily be a Mama has always stolen my heart.

Oh! We also went for a walk! It was still hot, but less humid and there was a nice breeze.
{iPod pics}

Aaaand then when we were almost home, we realized Phe Phe had dropped her 
Wubanub somewhere along the way, so I got in my car and drove around their crisscross
neighborhood for 20 mins{no small feat}. Finally, just before Laurel & 7th Street,
there was the little giraffe, abandoned, all alone. *sniffle*

So I scooped him up and carried him home. 

The End. 

Happy Autumn to us! 

With love,
~ Jean Marie ~