9-11-15, Fourteen Years -

Every year on 9/11, I wake up with a sick stomach, and it lingers, the feeling that something is horribly wrong, throughout the day. 
9/11 will always make me unbearably sad. So many heartbreaking memories of such a horrible day.

I went to the beach today.
The seagulls fluttering over the water reminded me of paper falling in the air from the
 WTC Towers on that Tuesday morning. All I wanted to do was cry. 

I've written many memories about 9/11, if you click on the "America" label, you'll find them. 

With tears and remembrance of the fallen, the brave, and their families,
and pride in the courage and love our Country exhibited in the days following, 
it has been another year. But we have not, nor will that day ever be forgotten. 

~ Jean Marie ~