Georgia's 3rd Birthday Party -

On Saturday afternoon, God blessed the little side yard of Ben & Emily's property with the most 
lovely, clouded, not-super-hot-day in the middle of September. I mean, it was humid. 
But at least it wasn't so hot we thought our skin was on fire. 

I arrived an hour early to help Emily set up, and chat with Georgia about her big day. 
I spent half the party with Phoenix strapped happily to my back in the Ergo, and 
took pictures so that Emily could relax and visit. We are such a good team, and it was such a fun party! 

G's sweet Ariel Dress

Oh my heart. Looking at her reflection. How can she be 3 already!!?

Showing off her dress. 

Phoenix always needs 20 minutes to warm up and figure out if she likes you. ;) 

I passed the test. 

Getting ready is serious business. 

Cupcakes! (And mine on the end, minus icing, minus dyes - Em is such a good friend to remember!)

Friends catching up... 

And kiddos having a blast on the slip 'n slide that was going for the whole afternoon!  

Leila was so serious. hahaha. 

It was so sweet meeting Obi & Emily's newest little girl - Alice. She's so chill and adorable.

G had so much fun!! 

Such cute. 

Gus was having as much fun as the kids. I'm pretty sure he thought it was his birthday. He LOVED the water. 
He kept grabbing the sprinklers and trying to run off with them. 

Precious Alice. 

Iola & her little Godson Tatum Lane. 

There were so many kids, and they played really well together!  

Ben looks like a Secret Service Agent in these pics to me. Hahaha. 

Emily, this one's for you, hahaha. 

Ashlynn is fearless. :) 

You can just hear Gus begging: "Give the water to meeeeeeeee".  

Little-not-so-little-anymore Ryan.  

She cracks me up. hahaha. 

The Dads kept a relaxed but close watch on the kiddos on the slip n slide, 
allowing the Mamas to sit back and visit together. It was a nice family time for everyone. 

Leah holding Tatum Lane, and Tricia holding Alice Jane, and Leila eating. ;) 

I love these people. 

Oh the sweetness. 

Love this picture. 

So Emily. hahaha.

Opening my present & seeing my Dachshund Birthday card!!! Love.  

I got her this sweet Princess Card Matching Game. It was so adorable I wanted one for me.

When David had to leave, he came over and hugged Georgia, and then he held her like this,
and kissed her cheek. Every woman in the room suddenly went "Awwww" and teared up. haha. 
It was the SWEETEST.EVER. He's such a tender cousin, and G adores him. 

Reading Birthday cards with Mama.
 This picture reminded me of this one I took at her 2nd Birthday party last year!!  

Afterwards it poured down rain, and Emily & Ben were so kind to include me in staying for pizza dinner with their family get together.
I really appreciated that, and so enjoyed just relaxing, and holding babies, like this sweet darling. 

I can't believe G will be 3 in just 2 days!!! The party was so fun and I was so glad I was able to go!!

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~