The Path -

Tonight's evening walk with the pup on the golf course path, 
enjoying the comforting sound of crunching sand and gravel, the smells of a neighborhood grilling on a summer night,
 and the sunset spilling light onto the path. 

And I thought that this path we are called to walk would be so hard without friends, 
but even harder without knowing Jesus walked it before us. So thankful He goes before us in all things. 

"I walked a winding path,
it wound 'round trees and brooks,
I walked along in joy and tears,
and sometimes overlooked,
that 'near to me, 
though absent He seemed,
He was not that at all,
and in the journey I have learned,
He trod it first of all." 

Have a beautiful weekend, friends. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~