My Project 52 {Week 24-27}

My Project 52 Catchup!!! :D 

Week 24 - A Daytona Tortugas Game with Becs & Cameron on a Friday night. ~ June 13, 2015

Week 25 - The most delicious coffee I've had in years at Seeds Coffee in Birmingham, Alabama. June 19, 2015

Week 26 - Libby's Wedding!! I was so honored to be a bridesmaid, it was the most joyful and sweet of days. June 27, 2015 

Week 27 - My 27th Birthday was the day after the wedding!! I spent the morning in church, getting lots of hugs from friends, and then spent the gorgeous day right where I wanted to be - swimming and floating, and doing just this - grinning up a storm at my favorite place. Love. Peace. June 28, 2015 

With love always, here's to another year! 
~ Jean Marie ~