Something tells me .... -

Something tells me.....this plate won't be holding a lot of dinner. 

I had the plate in my left hand, reached in the cabinet above to grab the seasoning salt for the poached eggs, and as I grabbed it, the glass salt shaker in front of it was tipped over, it fell onto the toaster, then onto the plate I was holding, smashing it into pieces, and then the shaker fell on the floor, cracked into three pieces and spilled salt all over the floor. 

And then Mom and I broke out laughing, because what else can you do?! 

I was like "Well I've heard tossing salt over your shoulder is a great idea, but I think this is a little too much!", as there was little white mounds all over my bare feet and the tile. Hahahaha! I still needed to get the eggs out of the water, and so as I reached for the spoon to get them, and put them on the plate, I looked back at my left hand, and this is what I saw. I was still gripping the shard of plate!! 
I burst out laughing again. Mom walked into the kitchen again "Mom, look! I don't think this plate is going to hold very much!!!" HAHAHAHAHA. We laughed so much. Dad was a little more bewildered, not realizing the days we had. ;) Oh well. It's just a salt shaker and a plate. 

At least the corned beef hash was just fine!!! Thank you, God, that no glass got in our dinner. 

I'm thankful that we were able to eat our dinner. And were able to laugh about it all. I love my family. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Laughing... one of the best remedies for mishaps. A sweet smile can bring joy into anything ;) And boy. that looks SO good!


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