A few little words -

This week was a super stressful week. I cried almost every single day (which is a lot for me). 

For a month and a half, most of my school and other photography has all been put on hold to get these old photos scanned for my church's 25th anniversary coming up in May. The deadline was this week, and I worked long days to get them done. At one point, I was scanning 9 hours straight and realized through lots of tears that my creative side was dying. Hahahha. Let's just say I am SO relieved to be done!!! 

So today when I realized I didn't have any photos to do, I actually got a post up on my photography website. I re-arranged my clothes closet, and put away my winter clothes. I re-filled the hummingbird feeder and actually stood outside and gazed at all the spring leaves on the trees. I put on some 40's music and baked some white chocolate, coconut and pecan cookies for tomorrow. 

And of course I wrote a million messages back and forth with Becs

She's been my saving grace this week. It was her Spring Break, which means we had more time to talk, and even one night we went walking the bridge, and then decided we needed Chinese food and went out to dinner, and rounded the night out by singing our hearts out to Avicii and Old Crow Medicine Show. It was so nice to be out doing things with someone who is so fun to be with. 

Whenever I need to vent or exclaim or just talk about things that popped into my head, I write her. And she writes back, because she totally gets me. It's what best friends do. I'm SO glad she is going with me tomorrow, which is ...... the Barberville Spring Frolic 2014!!!! 
So excited and ecstatic. It's gonna be wonderful to be with everyone, rain & shine!!! 

I shot these two pics of Becs at the Hope's Going Away Party in Dec. 
Becs is one of my all-time favorite models. Somehow she channels peace straight into my camera, and I love it. Plus, she's stunning

I love you, Becs. Jumping barriers with you is the best. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!
And Congratulations on the first day of your new job, working for Gold Tone!!! Ain't no thang like a banjo strang. 

With love always, 
~ Jean Marie ~