My Project 52 (10) -

Week 10 

Yesterday a cold front moved through, and it dropped from a nice 85 degrees to a windy 60. I'm pretty sure the wind chill brought it down to around 55 and in the shade, it was really cold. Of course, it just kept dropping that evening, until last night's high was 45. For those of us living in the South, it was just winter reminding us that some people live in snow and ice 364 days of the year and we never want to be one of those people. 

We love the South and ain't never movin' away

But of course we were out in the wind and outdoors for all day yesterday (and all day today), working our dear friends massive garage sale that we threw to raise money for their adoption fund. We had a blast, and somewhere in the middle of it all, I found myself with 2 hoodies on (the red is my NASA one) and my ski cap and I was still cold. That wind was somethin' else. We had such a blast together, though, and it was wonderful working for something (and someone) so important. We really saw a gracious community come to be, and also really sweet fellowship and giving hearts, and happy customers! 

All in all - worth all the work/sore muscles/bruises/long hours/sunburn/stress/sleep deprivation. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~