My Project 52 (11) -

Week 11

Thursday to Saturday (today!) was the 2014 Ligonier National Conference here in Orlando, FL. Our sweet Brit friend Rachael (Sadie Beth - England Girl's best friend!) flew down to FL and we had a wonderful time adopting her into our family for the conference and my dear friend Wissa (Melissa Wolf) came down from WI with Anneke and Mrs. Seely and between all that joy plus St. A's friends and Lauren W. being here for Darby's wedding next weekend, we had a huge, wonderful, glorious, hysterical, precious, friend retreat, basically. :) 

There were lots and lots of memories made and lots and lots of photos taken, like this one!! 
My sweet Wissa and darling Rach. Love them and love everyone I'm so blessed to call friends. 

God is so unbelievably kind to me, and this weekend of teaching so reminded me of that. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~