Sweet Libby -

"Life is just better with you. Smiling with you, rejoicing with you, laughing with you. 
Sometimes I catch you staring out the window and moving your head to the music, and tilting your head to the breeze and I just know.....that God meant for us to be friends. God knew I needed something sweet." 

I've known Libby since she was little. We used to play dolls together, she, Amanda, Kim and I....and we've sort of kept up with each other throughout growing up. But not until this past year have we grown really close. It took me a little bit to jump into the new relationship, because she was so adventurous, I didn't know what we would possibly do that would be safe!! Hahaha! jk.

We found things we loved to do, and went out and did them. We went to the beach and boogie boarded. We went to a Sovereign Grace Conference and learned and worshipped. We prayed and sang. We went to the beach. We went manatee scouting. We went wildlife hunting and exploring. We went go-karting and took iPhone videos. And we did lots and lots and lots of photography .... Like this sunset photoshoot in July. 

Libby, thank you for taking on my heart with such fierceness and patience. You have proven to be a special friend to me, and I love being with you. You make me laugh, encourage me to go for my dreams, challenge me to dig deeper, ask me how you can pray for me, listen when my life hurts, hug my sadness away, you invite me in and desire to share life with me. It has meant so much, and I love being friends with you. 

When I describe you to my friends, I say "She is tiny, adorable, cute and sweet.". And then everyone meets you, everyone wholeheartedly agrees! And you are one of my most fashionable friends!!! :D

Thank you for all the ways you make me feel loved and cherished!! I'm so excited to see you today. 
I love you, little sassy sweet adorable Libby. You mean so much to me. I thank God for you!! 
Happy 21st Birthday!!! Oh, and for the world to know just how adventurous she really is...she and her daddy are going skydiving tomorrow morning. You can bet I'll be there to take photos. And watch from the safety of God's green earth. Hahaha!!

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Love!

    Didn't see this until now - but happy birthday (yesterday) to you, Libby!


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