Engagements & Weddings! -


There are so many weddings coming up, that I can't even......even. haha. And the really neat thing is, is that they are almost all in our gang of friends!! It's an amazing, sweet, and super fun thing to watch your friends get engaged and married. I'm so excited for everyone!!! 

I've already been to two weddings in December, and they were downright SO fun and gorgeous. 

Now we've got a whole bunch more coming up!! Our family is attending Gracie & David's wedding up in Jacksonville today, AND it is Gabe & Leah's wedding day! Haha. Popular day. 

Gabriel & Leah got engaged August 26th, 2013. Lauren took their amazing engagement photos, and Emily is taking their wedding photos today!!! So excited for them! :D Emily also took this photo at the bonfire night at the Browers the night that Gabi & Abi got engaged! (Yes, it does cause confusion, yes we are all quick to set things straight. Sisters marrying Gabes, but NOT the same one! hahahaha) I adore this photo. I love them. They are so sweet, I want to squish them.

And y'all know that Gabi and Abi got engaged Nov 3rd, 2013. Their wedding is set in February, and I'm second shooting their wedding with Shannon!!! SOOO excited. Like you needed to ask. Emily shot this of them the night of their engagement!! So adorable, I can barely stand it. I love them! 

And Jeff & Nichole got engaged December 21st, 2013!! I couldn't be more excited if I tried!!! 
Oh and I....commandeered this photo from Jeff's FB - yay! haha. 

I took these photos of them last month at Barberville. :) 

... taking his glasses off and looking away into the distance like Elvis ...

aaaaand then getting made fun of for it (by me) and taken care of (by Nichole). Nichole is so sweet with him, I just love to watch them grow closer in friendship and love and now to see them engaged is very sweet and fun for me. I gave them a (ahem) screaming surprise hug attack on Thursday. 
SO happy for them!! Their wedding is set for sometime next year (obviously). 

And then BAM. Three days later, on December 24th, Joel and Becky got engaged!! Yeah, now that one there was a real surprise .... because I had no idea Joel had a ring and was going to propose! We are SO happy for them, and so excited that they are engaged. Congratulations, you two!! 
(This is the Sparling's photo, by the way! I.....commandeered it as well.)

Ok, and because you might not already know this....Becky's brother, John, and his fiancee, Katrina, are getting married New Year's Day 2014!! So two weddings for the Sparling family! And Jeff and Joel are brothers, so two weddings for their family! And Leah and Abigail are sisters, so two weddings for their family! HAHA!! :D 

Here we go for a list of the weddings, ones I've already attended in Dec, and ones to come! 
Sidney & Kaylee: Dec. 13, 2013
Marc & Kelly: Dec. 19, 2013
Gabriel & Leah: Dec. 28, 2013
David & Gracie: Dec. 28, 2013
John & Katrina: January 1, 2014
Graham & Meredith: January 25, 2014 
(I'm flying to NC for this one! It's my Christmas present this year, yay!)
Gabi & Abi: Feb. 22, 2014

And then more to come!! It's so wonderful to SEE and watch it unfold how God brings two people together and prepares them for life and Godliness and sharing His story with others. I've been so blessed by these friends, and I'm so excited for all the engagements and weddings!! :D 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~