The Big Announcement -

First off, no, I'm not engaged. Just to get that off every girl's mind. Hahahaha! But I do have really exciting news! 

It's been a long-time dream of mine, a long-time worked on, a long-time waited for. Ready? :D 

I'm launching my own Photography Business!!! :) Exciting, right? *screams* I know!

Last Sunday night, I started a Facebook Photography page for Jemmie Photography, and as of yesterday, (in 5 days), I had 100 likes! I know it seems small, but when you are just starting out, then it is so encouraging to have everyone's support. 

And I've been working on building my Photography website for months now. In secret. I didn't tell anyone, and then I told some of my best friends about a week ago, and they started lovingly pestering me to let them see it. Hahaha. Finally it was tweaked enough to show my family a few days ago! 

If I was honest with you, which I will be, then I would tell you that yes....I did want a $500 web designer to make an exceptionally amazing website that everyone could ooh and ahh over. But then I realized that all I need right now is something that shows who I am and how I love to shoot. And it IS very me. In the future, if I need to, then I can move on to something bigger. For now, I love it. :) 

I used Blogger and then re-wrote everything in the HTML that I didn't like, causing tears, frustration, head-bashing-against-walls, rolling eyes and begging the HTML to "please please please just do what I said the first time." HTML is like a rebellious toddler. But eventually (after much prayer and pulling my hair out and calming tea) ... I finished it! And then I loaded it full of picture posts so you all have something to look at. 

And because I know you are already hovering with your finger over your mouse to press the button to go see it is! 

Monday the 18th was the turning point day. The day I'll remember for a long time when God opened up everything and let me SEE my dreams could be more than dreams. It was a wonderful, amazing day. Not only were the "likes" flowing in about my FB page, but clients were booking me, and it wasn't a matter of if I could do it, it was a matter of if there were enough days to do it! 

On Monday, I wrote this on Facebook: 
"Today was an exciting day. For the first time in a long time, it felt like I stopped fearing and just started dreaming and dreaming BIG. IT has been a whirlwind of possibilities and I'm feeling so blessed and loved by God. Here's to the next 70 years." 

I think it is a powerful thing to have friends and family and people you don't even know come up alongside of you and tell you - "You can do this.",
 and even more than that...knowing it yourself. 

I feel so incredibly loved and blessed by God. I've wanted this for a long time....
and as long as the business lasts, I want to be grateful for every opportunity, every chance to meet new people,
to create JOY in photographic and memory form, every chance to bless someone. 

So far it has a wonderful ride. Here's to many more photoshoots, opportunities, and new friends. 
And go have a look at the website! It's not perfect or amazing, but I do love it. :) Thanks for all your support and excitement with me!! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Absolutely wonderful! Great job Jean-Marie. May our gracious Lord continue to bless your efforts and may many, many people be blessed by your gift.


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