A Barberville Surprise -


This past weekend, Nov 2-3, was the Fall Jamboree at Barberville Pioneer Settlement, and interestingly enough...my 5th anniversary of blogging!! I began blogging November 1, 2008. 

It's been 5 years! I can scarcely believe it! So many joys and sorrows and newness of life. 
This is my 675th post, so I'd say I've been busy and have had lots to say and write about. ;) 
It has been a wonderful journey and I am by no means tired of it or thinking about slowing down. I love writing and have been more blessed and healed and encouraged than I ever thought possible by the way the Christian community comes together, and most of all - by my Lord. It is so precious to look back and see His faithfulness and how He has brought me through the past 5 years - good and bad. :) 

Ok! Enough sentiments about my 5 yr. anniversary. haha. 

Down to the Barberville surprise .... it was yesterday, Sunday 3rd, 2013. 

I was able to spend the night over by Barberville at Ben & Emily's adorable new house, so I didn't have to drive back and forth that night and then again the next morning to attend the Jamboree (thanks so much, y'all!), and when Emily and I woke up, we did what girls do when they wake up in the same house - we talked. Then all of a sudden it was 10:30 and we realized we'd better get moving. haha. 

So when I got to the settlement ahead of them, I was standing around by the Bridge House, when suddenly Leah comes running towards me, and grabs me by the shoulders, and tells me something shocking. Obviously, I grab her shoulders and start shrieking. She tells me to go tell Gabe, so I run off to the kitchen and grab Gabe, and frantically spill the news, and after staring at me for a minute, he just calmly says "Right. I need to talk to Leah.". haha. Meanwhiiiiiileee, I'm panicking, whipping out my camera, checking my settings, taking pictures of nothing, adjusting settings, photographer brain running at warp speed....needing to capture the quickly upcoming moment. 

Then suddenly I realize with horror that Emily & Ben aren't here yet. I dial up Emily...she answers, and I'm frantically turning in circles ... "You need to get here. NOW.", then I realize that could sound bad, so I'm trying to explain, oops...no, can't stand there..someone will hear me..go up the stairs, oh my gosh....they are sitting right there....no no no....."Just GET HERE as soon as possible. Speed, run, whatever. Just get here."

I grab Obi...."Is he really going to do it? Really?!!"....and he spills the rest of the details. I calm down...slightly...call Emily again "Ok. You have 20 minutes. You are fine.".... as they are running through the parking lot. hahaha. It was all extremely last minute, thanks to the genius that Leah is. Love her insanely wonderful crazy beautiful mind. 

So we sit down at the Family Stage. We breathe. I'm shaking like a leaf. I'm giddy. My heart is racing and tripping. I'm re-checking settings. I'm biting my lip. I'm staring at Georgia pretending that nothing is up. Loner's Junction starts playing, and I'm letting the music wash over me, and then I realize I'm smiling like a giddy-happy Jean Marie. My brain screeches to a halt "Don't smile. Don't smile. Don't smile. Don't smile. Don't smile. Don't smile. Do. Not. Smile. If they see you looking stupid happy, they will know something is up." So I'm staring at grass, at Leah, at boots....hahaha. At the announcement of every song, I bite my cheek in anticipation, and finally it is it ... they start singing "Missing Piece" and I casually start recording it on video on my camera. 

Gabe Acevedo finishes singing, smiles, reaches into his pocket, gets down on both knees, and proposes to the love of his life, the lovely Abigail Morse....and then - She says YES! (about 9 times) 

Then there were cheers and gasps and laughter and tears and hugs all around and JOY spilled over in every heart there. :D 

So here - what you've been waiting for this whole post - The Proposal Video: 

It's even better in HD on Vimeo, just click the HD button!

It was hands down one of the most wonderful, special, sweet, tear-jerking things I've ever seen. And it made by far one of the best Barberville days I've ever been to. ;) I walked around the rest of the day with a spinning mind that didn't work because I was soooooo excited for Gabe and Abi. hahaha.

It is such a sweet thing to watch friends fall in love, honor Christ, bless friends, be genuine, love their families.
These two do that so well, and love each other so well. They are adorable and perfect for each other.
Congratulations Gabi & Abi!!

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Awesome! Thanks for recording the moment! I was soooo so so sad we missed it, but you made it better with this video! =)

  2. Jeeeeeean thank you soooooo sooooo much! U are soooooo awesome!!! :) :) :)

  3. congrats Abi! You don't know who I am, but I know who you are. Just ask your cousin Carlie about me! ;D

  4. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD So epic!!!!!! :'D


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