Thanksgiving Remembered -

I went back this morning and read what I wrote last year for Thanksgiving, and I cried all over again. 
I can't write it any better this year than I did for last year, so here is a re-post.
 It amazes me how God has blessed us through sorrow, through joy, through unexpected mercies, grace and beauty. 

A Kinship With The Pilgrims

"I too, have loved ones buried on hills. 
I too, bow my head in worship. 
I too, raise it again in thankfulness. 

This life is so hard. Harder than I ever dreamed. But oh, God has been so good."

Today I plan on hugging and snuggling, rejoicing and praising, remembering and believing, being present and loving hard. 
Thanks be to the Giver for all things. Praise is here, because the Holy Spirit has not been silent. 

With much love always,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. Hello Jean!

    Sometimes, I go back to THAT post (2012 Thanksgiving) just because I loved it so much. It was a post that kind of clicked and stayed in my brain. ;-) I believe it was a day before Thanksgiving that I read it to my husband. Thank you for sharing. I am lifting up everyone (new post) in prayer, with you.

    - Gabby


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