Three -

What does the number three mean in this picture? Well, 3 cards ..... from last night's Settlers of Catan game. But the number three was talked about a lot last night. Like, a LOT. :)

Because there is a 3rd Brower on the way!!!! :D 

YES. Ben and Emily are expecting a little baby!!! :D :D :D :D *SHRIEKS*

Last night at the Hope's for a game night, Joseph, Lauren and I were teaching Gabe Dutch Blitz, and Ben and Emily walked into the kitchen, together (much like above), and out of the corner of my eye, with my crazy peripheral vision, I saw a black and white checkered sweater. And I was thinking "interesting sweater....", HAHA, and then I really looked at them.

My reaction: 
*counting over from Ben* Aww...that's so sweet. 1 and 2 ....
Ben, 1, Emily, 2, "Hahahahhahaaa".....Emily.......3.....*GASPS audibly*.


There were cheers and hoorays and exclamations of delight, and smiles and hugs all around. :)

I like Brower surprises. This is my 4th one. See the list? Okay, make that LOVE Brower surprises.

1. Engagement
2. Bridesmaid announcement
3. Honeymoon location
4. Baby Brower  

And so then she posted her blogpost about it a little after that HERE, and she checked it in between games, and it just sank in that much more that she's really pregnant!!! :D :D AAAAH.

So go on over there and leave a Congratulations comment!!!! :)

I am very very thankful to our Lord above for giving them this sweet, precious gift.

A very very excited and very very very joyful  -
~ Jean Marie ~

Lauren's post about it, and pictures of Settlers of Catan night. :) 


  1. AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited too!!!!!!!!! =D =D That was such a cute way of telling you all! ;)
    I must say, it's hard to picture my little brother as a father, although I'm absolutely positive he'll make a great one! ;)

  2. That is SOOOO exciting!!!!!


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