"HOME!" by MaryCathD -

I've written here often of my dearest piano teacher. :) In fact, if you don't know who I am talking about, head on over to this post for some background. Then you will know how dear she is. :) She writes on her blog often at MaryCathD's Blog. And she has very sweetly allowed me to share this morning's post with you here. Thank you so much, Mrs. D!! 

I went to her blog this afternoon, and by the first paragraph, I was already in tears. I knew I had to write her right away and ask her if I could share it here on my blog. Just in case you wonder, I am often in tears at what she writes, and always encouraged, uplifted, and moved to gratitude. 

I knew God was moving me this morning, and revealing things to my little heart in deeper ways, as evidenced by a long 1 hour prayer (in the shower. ;) ) this morning. So much of my prayer was on our Eternal Home and healing, and how God's healing in Heaven is more than we could ever ask for here, or dream of here. So when I read her poem, it just drove everything that I had been praying and thinking of since I got up this morning to a whole new bigger part of my heart. It expanded it. :) 

I knew the Lord's sweet love as I cried my way through the whole poem. I nodded my head, and I closed my eyes when I knew it was so true. His sweet voice singing over me through her words of God's promises and His Truth. 

I was so very blessed, and I know you will be too. 

With deep love to all who have lost someone so dear to you, 
and with encouragement to think often of Heaven and highly of our Healer and Father, 
~ Jean Marie ~ 

Then let us often think of Home
Written by Cathy Drobnick on July 28, 2011

(Isaiah 30:21, Psalm 23:6) 

We grow disheartened with our task, 
Of God bewildered questions ask, 
Sorrow and suffering stalk us here. 
Our dearest treasures disappear, 
The hopes we had for fruitfulness, 
Are swallowed by our dark distress. 

The world around us hurries past, 
In search of haven that will last,
Frantic the pace, the labored quest
For unmolested peace and rest, 
No time to think, to hear, to see, 
To contemplate Eternity. 

It's not a happy friend to grace, 
This dusty, vicious, darksome place,
We try in vain our rest to take, 
But hostile foes keep fears awake,
And if we try to settle here,
There is a warning in our ear. 

The Voice behind, calls loud and strong, 
"You won't be here for very long,
So here's the path to walk, My child,
Walk on through badlands, strange and wild,
Don't settle here, pick up your stride,
I am your faithful, sovereign Guide." 

A veil parts us from the unseen,
From Heaven's verdant meadows green,
From precious ones relinquished there,
Into our tender Savior's care,
From fullest view of Heaven's grace,
From gazing on His lovely Face. 

There glory waits and wanderings cease,
In Land of God's eternal peace,
The wandering pilgrim comes to rest,
No more by mortal woes distressed.
No more in peril to stray and roam,
But welcomed safely, sweetly Home. 

Wayfarers here, we know it's true
We're only really passing through, 
The road is weary as we roam,
Then let us often think of Home.