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Taken with my Nikon d90, 50mm 1.8 lens - January 24, 2012

Well I love books. I love and adore books. Being homeschooled just encourages that, and since I was homeschooled all the way through....well, books were my best friend. I've read books in trees, on trampolines, in cattle pastures, in wood forts, in bushes and hide outs, in church construction zones and in Lowe's, in bed, under covers, under beds, behind beds, in sleeping bags, on boats, in hammocks, in cars, by rivers and the ocean and sprinklers. (and that's just what I can think up in 5 minutes!)

When I was younger and got in trouble, having books "taken away" was my greatest punishment. I would really really quickly apologize and BEG for any other punishment. ;) Yes, I was bad. Just don't separate me from my books. :)

Even now being 23, I love books. I think I always will. There is something about turning those first few pages and losing yourself in another world, or traveling ahead in dreams that you have. By hearing someone else's heart beat through thin pieces of paper, poured liquid in ink for me to read.

It is pure enjoyment and love for me. As evidenced by my love for words. :)

So I loved the thought of a Book Theme for I:Heart:Faces this week!!! So happy. :)

I thought a real life portrayal would be the best thing, since I just couldn't find a good one from the archives....and here's my shot! :) My puppy, Lucy Mae, doesn't like being left out of anything I do, and she crawled into my lap the minute I sat down, and stared at the camera, then the remote, then the book, then at me, then back at the book, and CLICK. Gotcha'. :D

What I adore about this picture, is that I knew she was looking down, so I looked exactly where she looked, and burst out laughing - because I was reading Calvin and Hobbes. It was hilarious! My smile is very real. :D I just pushed the remote, hoping she was in focus, a few seconds before I looked. The 2nd thing I love is that I can clearly see the whole book as a reflection in her eye. That amazes me.

Hope you enjoyed stopping by! :) Go over and look at all the amaaaziiinnnngness HERE at IHF.

With love,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. how sweet love the puppy

  2. That is soo cute!!! :D Your puppy is adorable!! Books are the best! Often times I'll be somewhere thinking "oh I can't wait to get back to the movie I was watching" and then I remembered it wasn't a movie but a book, but because the book was soo good I had turned the still life images described in the story into real life moving images. Oh how I love reading!! :D

  3. LOVE! This should win. You're so happy and her eyes are glowing... I love it.

    And CALVIN AND HOBBES. Just that alone makes it a winner. Haha.

  4. Hi Jean Marie! I finally made my way over to your blog. :-) This is a GREAT photo! Love your smile. Calvin and Hobbes is soooo funny!

  5. This is a adorable! Lucy Mae is just so, so cute! And your expression is perfect!

  6. I LOVE it, Jean!! This photo is amazing, and so cute of both of you! :)

    Many Blessings,

  7. I love it! What a great picture!

  8. Congrats on getting picked for Angie & Amy's favorites! :-)


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