At the Atlanta Zoo -

At The Atlanta Zoo. November 1991. Me, our Grandma Fambrough, and Kimberly.

 I was almost 3 1/2, and Kimberly was almost 5. 

This has been my computer background for a month or so now, and every time someone in our family sits down to look at something on here, or passes it, or just glances by, it softens and sweetens our hearts to remember. A few "awwws", a soft smile, perhaps a few tears, and we go on our way with a lightened heart. :)

Mama and Daddy were "honeymooning" for their 6th anniversary at the Ritz Carlton, and Kim and I got to spend a few days alone with Grandma and Grandpa (who took the picture). I always remember thinking (growing up) that we got the better end of the deal out of that trip. Hahaha.

How sweet it is to remember that those who loved us so will greet us again in our Eternal Home.

Y'all have a wonderful weekend. :)
Much love,
~ Jean Marie ~


  1. How positively adorable. And how sweet.
    Love, mcd


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