Thrashed, shredded and rips?

Hey, ya'll...

I went to the beach today! In October! I love living here in Florida. :) I know, I know... for those of you who live in the frigid icelands and frozen tundras, you are now giving me the evil glare. I'm sorry. Actually, I'm not. But I can pretend, for your sake.

Since I was at the beach today, and had a wonderful time, I thought maybe it would be fun to do a poll on how many things and what kind of things you were hurt or did, at the beach this summer. I had a wonderful time writing these up, let me tell you, especially re-living all the (ahem) painful and coughing-up-water memories that they invoke ...

... and because I've done all of them except the bitten, whipped and sunburned ones. Wow, it's a wonder I still live. Just kidding, I'm really not a surfer, I'm just a freckled native that boogie-boards like I'm dying tomorrow. Actually (I wonder if Mom is reading this), I think I am just a beach lover, and can't get enough of it. One week this summer, I went three days. That was an awesome week, let me tell you. Mom wasn't so thrilled...but I was.

So, take the poll, laugh over it, brag to your friends how you survived due to your amazing -life-saving skills on yourself- aka: God's supreme grace upon your little life. Oh, and I made it several answers, because really ... I mean ... who among you only did one? If you only did one, you did not get in the water, apparently.

Ok. I love you all, bro's and lady's ... surfers and boogie-boarders, and those very helpful lifeguards at Flagler Beach who were only there for the turtles, and for the real bodyguards and lifeguards who happen to be my guy friends and can swim better than me, and for everyone who hugged me after I got hurt, and actually showed sympathy instead of laughing .... I thank you.

and my acceptance speech really is over now.

God bless and keep you ...

.... and may the images of the tourists staring in horror at my hands full of jellies and jelly tentacles and jelly-jelly, forever live on in my memory.

Forever, in His mighty hands,
~ Jean Marie

P.S. The poll is down there, by the Bible verse, and it's open until Wednesday, the 8th! :) Oh, and if you don't vote, I will track you down, run after you with a clump of seaweed, screaming "JELLYFISH!!", and then tell the tourists you were chewed in half by a shark and you give out autographs, and last but not least, I will hand you a slice of bread and watch the kamikaze seagulls fly whizzing down upon you as you dive into the sea.

Ok, maybe not. But it was fun to type out, even if I wouldn't ever be so mean. Except for the seaweed/jellyfish one...because I've already done that and laughed myself sick. :) Heh heh!!


  1. you did that to me(throwing seaweed).......... and i did scream.
    but i don't understand why i would scream when you did that, but didn't even scream when i was actually stung all over my body.
    i am crazy :P

    love the poll!
    had a great time with you at the beach today!
    ~jellywoman(refering to nemo)

  2. Haha, I love the poll. Man, the eddy...the eddy was the worst. And then I stepped on the poor fish. :(

    Anyway, I mainly wanted to comment because you officially have 100 posts for 2009! You probably already knew that, but I thought it was perty awesome.



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