Sweet comfort -

Original words by Samuel Rodigast, 1676
Translated by Catherine Winkworth, 1863
Music and alternate words by Mark Altrogge
© 2007 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

"Whatever My God Ordains"

"Whatever my God ordains is right
In His love I am abiding I will be still in all He does And follow where He is guiding He is my God, though dark my road He holds me that I shall not fallAnd so to Him I leave it allWhatever my God ordains is right He never will deceive me He leads me by the proper path I know He will not leave me I take content, what He has sent His hand can turn my griefs away And patiently I wait His dayWhatever my God ordains is rightHere shall my stand be taken Though sorrow, or need, or death be mine Yet I am not forsaken My Father’s care circles me there He holds me that I shall not fall And so to Him I leave it allWhatever my God ordains is rightThough now this cup in drinking Bitter it seems to my faint heart I take it all unshrinking My God is true, each morn anew Sweet comfort yet shall fill my heart And pain and sorrow shall depart"

.... for two weeks ... desperate, nay, but utter clinging to the knowledge that God is never surprised by events, that whatever He ordains is right, and good.

~ Jean Marie


  1. Really, really good hymn... I'd never heard it before.

    I'm so glad you did comment on my blog, because I always love to meet people, especially people who seem to be in a similar place in life as I, which I think you are.

    Betsy and Tacy. Aren't they wonderful gals? And Tib too, of course. I just love reading the older books, because I am so incredibly like Betsy. Every stage of her life, little girl, junior high, freshmen year, all the way up, very much smacks of my life and troubles and enjoyments. I'm thinking I hope the similarities continue, because going abroad would be wonderful, and Joe Willard is one of the best fictional guys ever, in my opinion. But if I went abroad I'd miss my dear home and dearer family, so I don't see that happening any time soon.

    Well, if you follow all that jumbled paragraph, you're a better woman than I. Sorry to overwhelm you on my first comment. Let's pretend like we're good friends, shall we, and keep up with each other until we are. Sound good?

    Glad I stopped by.

    p.s. You like Loveliness of Christ? It is one of the most helpful books I've ever read, and I refer to it often, and give it as a gift whenever the opportunity arises.


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