FIVE days -

FIVE DAYS. Five Days until I leave for China. 

The ocean was blue and rough and cold tonight. 

The Falcon 9 launch was perfect and full of colors as the sunset lit up the contrails.

I'm memorizing my path through the Newark airport 
from Terminal C to B because I'm over preparing.

Kimberly asked me today what I was looking forward to most in China and 
because I was super hungry at the moment, I teasingly said "Food", and we laughed. 

But immediately, as I always do, I thought of the children.
I thought of the first time I would touch and hold a child I've never known but prayed for.
As always, I was instantly in tears. It seems a holy moment. 
I keep praying that God would teach us all His adoptive, abundant love, 
deeper and more safe than the greatest ocean and world we can dream of. 

I want to SEE. I want to HEAR. I want to KNOW. 

Lead me, Jesus. 

~ Jean Marie ~