Today at Playalinda Beach -

Today has been one of those "I can't believe I get to live here, I love Florida and I love the ocean" days. It was literally THE perfect beach day. When I got there, there were SO many fisherman, and the water was churning with fish. So we laughed and sat down on the sand and said "Well. We won't get in here!!", and after 20 mins of being there, a fisherman a few yards away from us caught a 4.5' sand shark, and released it. 

We just sat there and laughed and were like "CALLED IT." Hahaha. 

So then we walked up the beach to get away from the fishermen and all their chumming water and all the churning fish (and everything that wanted to eat all that chum), and got in the water. The water was SO CLEAR, y'all!!! I was in Heaven. Perfect waves, perfect temp., perfect clarity, perfect sunny day. 

I love summer and I love the ocean and I love living here. Now I'm sunburned and ridiculously happy and sipping lemonade while I write this at home. Yay for Labor Day and for September/2nd Summer!!! 

Such a gorgeous day. God really blessed us with a perfect time. 

Clear and cool. 

Sea oats and sand dunes. I'm not kidding on that sky either. So blue it would make your eyes hurt.

Mmmmm. Life is so good. 

God is better. Heaven will be better than this. But today it felt like a little bit of both. 

Love. I love you, Florida. 

White Sand beaches, blue water, sunny and warm and cool. All that thrills my soul!! 

Underwater. ;) 


Clear blue and green for miles. 

Floating and watching pelicans fly overhead. 

Amazing day. 


Perfect waves for boogie boarding too!! 

Mmmmmmm. Let's stay here forever. 

Gorgeous underwater views. 

Mighty and refreshing and glorious. 

We had such a great time together, as a church family. I hope your day is equally as wonderful!!

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~