Georgia's 2nd Birthday Party -

Saturday was Georgia's 2nd Birthday Party! It was held at the beautiful DeLeon Springs, and thankfully, in the shade. It was actually breezy for most of the time, which was lovely, because it was of course....90 degrees. Haha. But we had a tent and the trees, and a great time together. We are, after all, Floridians. We are mostly used to the heat. ;) 

I was SO excited to go to G's party, because last year I was too sick from the Flu of Death to go. 

And it was such a beautiful, sunny day to celebrate Georgia Rose. 
Her 2nd birthday is tomorrow! I can't believe it. Where did 2 years go? 

I took just a few pictures, because I was mostly picking up Emily's camera to shoot for her so she could be in the pictures herself! That is so important for family events. :) It's a good thing we both shoot in Manual, because Canons and Nikons are opposites on settings. So I just had to do everything backwards. It took a few shots of overexposing pics to realize I was metering the light Nikon wise. hah. 

So here are my few pictures! 

I love water reflections. Love love love. 

Emily, Nixie, and Emily's camera. I was still in Maternity Mode from last weekend. Hahaha. 

Florida looks like a jungle sometimes. The springs, and on the other side, yellow kayaks for rental. 

Emily helping Georgia with her converse. Don't you love Georgia's Minnie shirt and Emily's Minnie ring? 

Emily is such an amazing Mama. I love watching my friends blossom from women into mothers. So beautiful. 

We sat around and talked for hours. It was great to just sit back (literally!) and hear stories and not have anywhere to be. True relaxation. 

You can see how hot it was with David's hair. Poor babes. They were little pretzel eaters. 
And of course, playing with the pool noodles and Papa and each other. :) 

This picture of Ryan cracks me up so much. I couldn't stop laughing at his expression when I got home. 
His face: "Hmm. What do I think of this intellectual and deep question??". Answer: "EAT ALL THE PRETZELS." 

And THESE next three of Tricia and Ryan. Oh. My. Heart. These just melt my heart clean down to a puddle.
 This is what love and joy looks like. Adore. I can't even take it. Aunt Emily was making him laugh! 

Florida is such a gorgeous state. If you love jungles and water everywhere and lots of things that can potentially kill you, this is the state for you.
 No kidding, I killed a spider with my bare hand when it was close to the baby blanket. 

See??! Mmmmm. So pretty. 

 The little boys were fishing. 


Sweet, joyful Ryan. 

And his gorgeously stunning and outrageously hilarious Mother, Tricia. I love you, best friend.

Pictures with Aunt Emily are the best! Just a few more weeks, and Ryan will have a new girl cousin when Nixie arrives!!!
We are all SO READY AND EXCITED. :D :D :D  

And so happy that we are gonna lean forward and go for the camera in pure glee!!! Hahaha! 

It was wonderful to sit on the edge of the spring and dip my feet into its delicious coolness, and watch the light change in the teal water.
Truly a fun and wonderful day. So thankful to live here. 

Here's the highlights from my Instagram: G, eating her cupcake on her little pink lawn chair/
the super delicious cupcakes made with greek yogurt & pink sprinkles/the gorgeous springs/Emily & I, best friends. 

Thank you for the delightful and fun day, Emily, Ben & Georgia! Happy Birthday tomorrow, sweet girl!! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~