My Project 52 {Week 37} -

{Week 37}  - Georgia Rose & her beautiful Mama, Emily. 

Today was Georgia's Birthday Party!! She actually turns 2 on the 16th, but today was her party at DeLeon Springs!! It was pretty hot, and I think our brief moments in the very cold spring water was super refreshing to all of us! It was so special to all be together again, catching up and enjoying the shade and breeze and watching three little gators swim around vivaciously. haha. 

I told Emily "I could get used to being around y'all every weekend!" Haha! Last year I was SO sick, and missed G's 1st birthday party. I was devastated and cried my eyes out, I was so sad. This year, we were missing Lauren, who of course, lives in Alabama now. But it was still quite the lovely, albeit hot, day! 

Georgia loves loves loves Minnie Mouse and three of her presents were Minnie Mouse themed, plus a pink tricycle and a pink cowgirl hat! She was super thrilled, to say the least. ;) I took those pics with Emily's camera, so they will show up sometime on her blog. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Georgia Rose!!! 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Jean, I lovelovelove this picture. She is so precious to me. Oh, I love her!!!


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