Sunday Afternoon at the Beach -

On Sunday, (just hours after flying in the night before from Colorado), I had the extreme desire to plant myself on some warm sand and swim in the coolness of the ocean. So I did what any other Floridian would do...I wrote some best friends and asked them to go with me. Turns out, I wasn't the only one walking out of church saying "Oh my word. The only good idea for today is the beach.". It was SO HOT (93 degrees) - it had a UV index of 11 (Extreme), and so Becca, Cam, Lynnae and I slathered on some sunscreen and then dove into the most deliciously clear, teal and green, perfect temperature water that I've been in this year so far. It was so delightful we just couldn't stop saying how great it was. 

It was just what I needed....even looking back through the pictures give me so much peace. Becca and I took our GoPro's and were dubbed "cool" by a few teenagers, which I promise you....has never happened to me before. I whispered to Becs "We are the cool kids! finally!". Being homeschooled gives you .0000000007% of a chance of ever being a cool or popular kid. So we swam around with our GoPro's, shooting absolutely blind...and from the way these turned out, I couldn't even care. 

It's like finding art you couldn't see until you got home. Like, I see it underwater, as I swim through waves....but it's so hard to explain until I see it in a photo. Gorgeous. This is why I love Florida. This is why I love the Ocean. This is why I love living on the coast and ain't never leaving. 

Enjoy some photos of Florida sunshine and Atlantic water! 

Lynnae and I. SO good seeing her again! 

Floating....waiting for the next wave to carry me over....bliss. 

Sweet friends.  

This is what I dream about in good dreams.

I've been waiting for this kind of an absolutely perfect weather & water combination ... I was SO happy.

I told Becs: "So there's this pic of the three of us, it's so wonderful, it's got light and bubbles and us....and our heads are above water, so that's kind of weird. Wonderful and weird." and she writes back and says "Aka: the definition of us.". HAHAHAA. So true.


See those thundercloud bubbles at the top left? That's what it looks like when a wave crashes over you. And it makes the most beautiful and wonderful sound. 

Split realities. 


Lynnae (on right) and me (in black)! :D 

This is what we saw for 2 hours. Two wonderful - peaceful - this is the best day- hours. 

Looking up at the sun from under 2 feet of salt water. 

Going through another wave. ;) 

This girl makes my life so much better. I love you, Becs. 

Getting ready to duck dive ... and no, a shark didn't grab that swimmer on the right - she's just diving out of frame. 

Joy. :D

I can't even put words to this - just COME DOWN HERE AND GO TO THE BEACH WITH ME.

So close to the surface......and then whoosh! air! 

The designs in bubbles underwater just amazes me. It's a whole new art world underneath there. 

God made the most beautiful things when He made water and sky and air and waves.

I love the Atlantic. 

Our day. Couldn't have been better!!!!

It was just what I needed .... and I'm so thankful we were able to go together!!

With much love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. The water. is SO BLUE AND CLEAR! Gorgeous! That's one of my favorite things about living on the coast... <3 {And being dubbed "cool" is a pretty awesome highlight of the day... haha}


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