Project 52 (25) -

 Week 25

A few weeks ago, when I was in Colorado, Emily wrote me and asked if I wanted to do a beach day for my birthday, just our close girl friends. Of course I said "YES!!", and so we planned it. 

Becca, Shannon, Tricia, Emily and I. 

And then a few days ago, I was shopping with my Mama on her birthday and thought "Oh my gosh, Shannon's birthday is the day before! We should surprise her with gifts at "my" birthday beach day!". 

So today when I got up and Becs and I drove to the beach and parked and didn't see anyone cars, I thought it was weird. But you know, maybe we were the first ones there. Remember, I thought I was headed to the beach with 4 of my best friends......."Where is Emily? so weird....." and then Emily jumps out from behind the lifeguard station screaming "SURPRISE!!" along with most of my best friends!! 

Turns out, they've been secretly planning a surprise party for me for WEEKS and I didn't have one.single.clue. 

I'm pretty sure I've been blessed with the best friends on the planet. Amazingly enough, I didn't cry. 
Although I was equal parts confusion and took me about 20 minutes to realize they came to the beach to be WITH ME. Gah. Now that makes me all teary. 

We floated and swam in the most crazy-flat, clear, warm water for 2 hours, left for pizza (due to threatening storms and lifeguards telling us to leave. "WE AREN'T LEAVING" *Lightning strikes* "Great! Let's go! Pizza!"), we went to the pizza place, almost died laughing, came back and swam for another 2 hours (and surprised Shannon with gifts!), then went for Coldstone Ice Cream at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk, and almost got our cars towed by an overzealous policeman. Thank God for Gabe's look over at the parking lot! 

I laughed more than I have in months - I'm talking tears in my eyes - can't even breathe - my abs are screaming- laughter. Becs and I finished the day off with singing Queen and songs from Beauty and the Beast all the way home at the top of our lungs. We do dramatic very well. 

It was the perfect day with the most wonderful, hysterical, giving people. I love them SO much. 

Thank you, Ben & Emily & Georgia, Miss Jo, Gabe & Leah, Bro Nathan, Jeff & Nichole, Shannon, Becs, Tricia & Cody, David & Ryan!!! 

We're already re-living the memories and quotes on FB, and my arms are already sore from all the swimming and my mind and heart are full of the sweetness and wonderfulness of the day. 

It was all-smiles and all joy and all peace and all grace and all wonderful friends and all beautiful summer. 

It was one of those great, great days with absolutely no flaws. I've been so blessed. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~