Photography Cards are in! -

My Photography business cards arrived in the mail today!! After a particularly stressful day, I was very excited to see they had arrived and look at them - I really love them!! The colors are spot on what the website showed, and the price couldn't be beat! I ordered them from Vistaprint, and spent about 3 obsessive hours deciding on fonts, colors and sizes to get exactly what I wanted. :) I bothered Emily and Becs with a million detail options, and they are, of course, the first people I told. haha. 

My Daddy immediately confiscated one, and my Mama asked for about 10 to put in her purse. ;) 

I'm just so glad to finally have some, and have something I really love! Professional, pretty, and unoriginal. I wanted something that carried the brand or "theme" if you will, of my photography name. The minute I saw this, I thought: "old fashioned, lovely, garden, legacy, calling card - beautiful". I'm so excited to see it all come together and be able to give them out! 

We had a massive (typical for summer here) thunderstorm moving in while I was attempting to get pictures of the cards, so the lighting is all a bit tricky, but the happy part is that they look even better in person!! 

I'm a happy girl. :) 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. These. Are. gorgeous. I love everything about them!!!! They perfectly reflect you and you're heart!



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