Sarah is getting married -

August 19, 2000 - Sammy (now in Heaven), me, Sarah, Miriam, and Kimberly. 
We were almost constantly cooking and baking - we made something like 9 dozen cookies that afternoon. So many great memories. So much happy mess. So many littles coming in and stealing our wares. ;) 

Sarah - this Sarah - is getting MARRIED this Saturday, May 24th, 2014!!! I really really really cannot contain my excitement or my amazement. I mean, weren't we just getting in LOTS of trouble and making 9 dozen cookies and chasing each other through the house with spray water bottles?? 

And yet on Saturday, she will be marrying her love. She so lovingly asked me to stand up there with her, and so I will,
with joy at the honor of being by her side for one of the most glorious occasions.
It will be at the mansion we both fell in love with online, and in the dresses we both heaved a sigh of relief when we got them! :)
The silver heels are packed, as well as the lilac dress, the silvery glitter nail polish, the wedding presents ....
and all that's left is a million words and a million memories flooding my head. 

May 2011 - I was an army nurse/bodyguard from WW2, and Sarah was a much-too-pretty sheriff. 
P.S. Kevlar is a whole lot stinkin' heavier than it looks. 

My twin at the beach May 2011. Yeah, she's so gorgeous. I know. 
What you can't possibly see in her eyes, is that she would drop you into that ice cold ocean faster than you could scream. 
Let's just say that mischievousness runs deep in the LeVeille family. Hahahaha. 
And that's an understatement!

It's really really hard to sum up a relationship in one post. I can't even begin to start. 

We are so, so much alike. Which means we've had our share of arguments....but we've always realized we loved each other too much to lose the other, and couldn't stand NOT being friends. It also means she's shared some of my deepest pain, and prayed for me, and I've done the same with her. We've laughed and cried and screamed with laughter and talked our hearts out about everything.

I'm so so thankful for our friendship and so thankful for how God has led us both through our griefs and joys.
She has blessed me immeasurably with her love and kindness. I have the most hilarious memories from us growing up together, and love being around her - I can't wait to see her for the first time in 3 years in just a few days!

Yes, I totally stole this picture off of Sarah's FB. Ask forgiveness later instead of permission first. hahaha.

I love her to the moon and back, and am so so so excited and thankful for God giving her a wonderful guy like Blake,
and for leading them both to each other. God has been so incredibly kind and good. 

And we get to celebrate with them!!!! I'm yearning to enjoy every moment fully and probably cry my eyes out and laugh until my belly hurts
....actually, that sounds exactly like how I'd love it to be. 

With love always,
~ Jean Marie ~