Grief is ... -

Photo taken - October 2012

"Grief is ...

waking up feeling like you are drowning in a million emotions, 
and a million words to utter, 
and yet staying silent,
because it is the only way you will ever get anything done.

At the end of the day, in the end, it is very simple; 
it all boils down to a few words: 
"I'm sad. I miss someone. I hurt. 
I feel broken irreparably. I need Jesus more than ever." 

And then you go to bed and sleep and wake up the next morning ...
drowning in a million emotions and a million words 
that the world rarely hears but your heart completely understands and cries over.
That is grief. 

... that is grief." 


So thankful that this is my Savior's heart for me - that He understands and weeps with me. 

~ Jean Marie ~