St. Andrews on Sunday -

So. Sadie Beth is here, and her friend Rachael. :) They came for the Ligonier Conference, and that was March 15-17th, and then on Sunday, we headed to St. Andrews for Ligonier Sunday. It was such a relaxing, perfect, sunny, breezy day. We had been able to visit with Delaney and Darby during the Ligonier Conference, but we had not taken any pictures. I know, such a problem. haha. So after church, Delaney suggested we all head outside and take some pictures, and so we did. :)

And today I decided that if I didn't blog any of these pictures, or any from the weekend, I was going to explode/implode, and Sadie Beth said she didn't want any of that happening, so I was given a little time to share on here. haha. ;) Lovely, eh? Oh gosh. I'm turning into a Britain. Haha! Not really. Last night Rachael said "y'all" for the first time, she was sooo pleased with herself. ;) We shall colonize them yet.

So here are pictures from Sunday at St. Andrews. :)


beautiful hysterical Delaney .... I get this face a lot. 

Punks. Ok, not. But they make pretty downright awesome friends. Delaney, Darby. 

Darbs. Dearest, darling Darbs. Dearest darling dilly dally Darby. 

Ok, we've waited for this picture for a long time. Finally have it! Hooraaaay!!! I love them. 
(Plus, AND we look normal! Bonus!) AND Mrs. Stiemann took it. WIN!  

The gorgeous day, looking across the pond and fountain at the Reformation Bible College. 

We were all wearing bows on our shoes. ;) So ladylike of us. LtoR: me, Darby, Delaney, Rachael. ;)

Lauren took these of us, thank you sooo much Lauren! 

I was like "Line up, like Sound of Music!", and so we did. hahahah. Shoulders back, head up.
Rachael, Darby, Sadie Beth, Delaney, and myself. :) 


Best ever. :) And totally spontaneous, which is the best! ahhahahaa! we were all cracking up. 

The Sound of Music poses continued ... So awesome. I love it! Aren't we charming? Positively charming! Of course we are! Such charming children! hahahahah. So sweet. :) 

Darby. Quite possibly laughing at me. And there's me, laughing. It's all quite self explanatory. 
And it all happens pretty much the whole time that we are together. ;) 

I pretty much love all these girls. :) And we had such a wonderful picnic afterwards with the Hope family, and the Cone family, and then were able to stay for a Michael Card concert that evening.
It was a gloriously relaxing day, and I'm just so blessed to be with, and know these dear people.
I love you all soooo much!!! :) :) I will have to post pictures from the rest of the day another time.

~ Jean Marie ~ 


  1. Beautiful pictures! 'Twas such a lovely day (yes, lovely - it's a good word!.

    Sarah xxx

  2. It looks like you all had a blast! Supremely jealous... :p And I hope you enjoy the rest of the visit too! ^-^

  3. It is indeed such a sweet time to laugh and giggle with sisters in Christ, to delight in the goodeness of the Lord, and to shine His joy!


  4. Oh my! You gals did an incredibly good job with the 'Sound of Music' pose! It's so hard to get it right, but you all look great. =)


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